Why Darth Vader Saved Chewbacca from Boba Fett Revealed in New Star Wars Comic

After decades of speculation and theories, a star wars The comic finally reveals Darth Vader’s reasoning for keeping Chewbacca alive in a famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back. In the scene, Han Solo is undergoing the process of being frozen in a carbonate chamber on Cloud City.

During the process, Chewbacca roars in protest, and Boba Fett raises his gun, intent on killing Wookiee while crying. However, before Boba Fett can finish the job, Darth Vader raises his hand to stop the Bounty Hunter from killing Chewbacca. It would have made logical sense for Boba Fett to kill the rebel Wookiee, but it was stopped by Darth Vader, which has always been an odd choice for the movie. Thankfully, we now have some answers as to why he did it.

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in humor Star Wars: Darth Vader #12, it details the same scene from Darth Vader’s point of view. As Boba Fett picks up the gun, Vader stops it as he thinks to himself, “Well…keep believing it…trust your friends so long through strength or luck rather than my design.” have lived for a long time.” Saying this, Darth Vader reveals that he did not spare Wookiee from the kindness of his heart or any hidden weakness. Rather, his intentions were much more sinister because he wanted the rebels to think that they had their own business rather than their survival. He wanted the rebels to underestimate him.

This view has long been the subject of controversy and debate. star wars Fans. It was easy to believe that Darth Vader had kind intentions or a simple code of respect for the Sith, but his plans were much more strategic. Instead, Darth Vader wanted to keep Chewbacca alive because he wanted the rebel collective to suffer even more. He wanted them to be weak. The comic attests to how skilled a strategist Darth Vader has always been, and the comic series is incredibly cool to explore this side of classic stories.

star wars Comics have attempted similar retcons and explanations in the past, but most are hard to pull off or just plain silly. There have been several moments in the comic series, including darth vader The series, which has tried to explain certain scenes or moments by providing additional context. At times, it seems like the comic is just trying to cover up a plot hole with a ridiculous answer. However, it certainly seems like an innocuous interpretation of an unimportant scene. It fits in perfectly with Vader’s character and the original film, and it’s always refreshing to see the comics stay true to the source material.

The most interesting thing about the whole scene is how really Darth Vader was being underestimated. His intention was that the rebels believed they escaped at will, causing them to underestimate Darth Vader in the future. However, because he kept Chewbacca alive, Darth Vader inadvertently caused the downfall of the Empire himself. Chewbacca would go on to seek revenge and eventually help save Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt – and Wookiee would then help in the destruction of the second Death Star. Darth Vader’s pride and arrogance aid the rebels at every turn, and this humor only strengthens it.

Star Wars Darth Vader Comic #12

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