Question “Who’s going to be the next Captain America?” One of the biggest MCU secrets still remains as Steve Rogers hangs his shield by traveling back in time and staying with Peggy. And even though the old Cap had chosen Sam to pass his shield, the question still stands — who is entitled to the new Captain America? This is not John Walker, he has already shown that he does not understand what a selfless hero he makes Captain America when he was boastful that he has jumped on four grenades and absorbed his special to absorb the explosion. Have used reinforced helmets. So, this leaves us two choices- either Sam or Bucky.

In the comics, both Sam and Bucky become captain America. We agree that the arch of the East in comics is consistent with what has happened. Avengers: Endgame– She gets the shield after Steve Rogers gets old, while Becky gets it after Cap is killed. Both were entitled to shield in the comics but when it comes to the MCU, the characters have different characteristics and the question becomes complicated as to who is more qualified to become Captain America.

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Fight side by side with captain america For Him

While Sam Wilson was also a soldier like Steve, he did not become an Avenger to protect the world and save lives. He did this because Cap Asked Him- He followed his idol in battle. While he is certainly an admirable character, is funny, and is actually a “good guy” as Steve said, he is rarely shown who can make strategic decisions or make immediate decisions at the moment of need. -He has tagged with Cap only in the past.

There is no denying that Sam shares a relationship with Steve, but again, he is not really someone who resonates with her unlike Bucky. Sam has a fight for Steve while Bucky struggles with him. While it doesn’t really matter, it’s the Bucky we’ve seen in all three Captain America movies by making or holding a shield. Anyway, in addition to being the villain opposite Cap, he has a similar lead, if not a more complicated life than Steve. He is also a man removed from his timeline and while Steve always had his own free will, Bucky fought a rigorous schedule in his head that is right.

But there is also the fact that for what reason Sam became the Avenger, he is still fighting a good fight, even though Steve Rogers is no longer around, even if his life is sufficiently problematic, and even though being a hero Hardly Loves Him Any Perks Contrary to why he became an Avenger, today, he is an extraordinary fighter, someone who makes brilliant plans on the dot. And what’s more, he never hesitates to go after criminals even when they are physically very powerful, so it takes some serious guts to go into a fight where you already know that your opponent is Has all the advantages and yet Sam goes without batting an eyelid.

Sam vs. Bucky: For whom is Captain America becoming a better fortune?

Sam has an identity — he is already a hero — but Bucky has recently shown his title as the ruthless Winter Soldier if the treatment Shuri imposed on him in Wakanda. Captain america civil war Really worked. He is free from brainwashing Hyde and, like Steve, is lost in an era in which he is not.

He needs a sense of purpose in life, an opportunity to redeem and offload himself from the crime he commits due to heinous acts committed as a Winter Soldier. Many might say that he is too tired of wars to become Captain America, but maybe he is fighting on the wrong side of the fight? He is tired of being used as a pawn by others and donates the title, which comes with a sense of freedom and bravery, the best thing that can happen to him at a time when the only person The one who understood him is no longer there to support him.

But at the same time, we can’t ignore the fact that Cap chose to pass Sam on the shield, even Bucky letting himself go to see the old Steve, knowing that What was going to happen completely. Bucky was Steve’s best friend, literally meaning a century, he was actually powerful enough to carry the shield and fulfill the duties of being Captain America.

And yet Steve decided that Sam needed to be the one to get the title. Why? Because as Sam puts it, he does what Cap does, only at a slow pace and that includes the heart of putting his life in line for others without letting the trauma of his past convey his decision. Bucky’s decisions in life, even now that he is no longer a Winter Soldier, are still influenced by his past. He is not currently interested in saving the world but is busy proving that Steve was right to believe in him.

Which is a better option to improve the gradient?

It is well known that Steve Rogers did not become Captain America because he was fit or a good fighter – he deserves a shield because of his good, brave, selfless heart, who does not hesitate for a second to risk his life. Does for others. What is the perfect candidate to become Captain America, a fighting spirit who never gives up, the passion to help, and the belief that good is present in people. And after Steve, this property can be found in Sam.

When Sam returned from the Air Force, he was enlisted in the Army through his years and even then, he spent years as a VA Counselor for Veterans Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. While it is true that he returned to fight for what is right for Steve, he did it all without thinking. And as we said, Steve is no longer there to guide them and yet they are still fighting, not retreating under any circumstances. Some very strong “I can do this all day” vibes, don’t you think?

But there is another side to this argument. It has been said, time and again, that physical prowess does not matter to become Captain America and yet, brave heart from Steve Brooklyn did not become Captain America as weak — he wiped down the shield and enhanced one. In the supernatural of protecting the nation. This in itself translates that when the goodness of one’s heart is paramount, their strength and ability to carry out the responsibilities, the title “Captain America” ​​also brings with them.

Furthermore, it is not the Falcon that has increased strength, efficiency, superhuman abilities or, well, tied the Cyberb arm to shield itself better than Cyber ​​Rogers. Take away his gimmick and all that is left is just a regular person.

On the one hand, we have Bucky, a selfless hero who has already fought for others (in the 1940s, during World War II) and volunteered to be part of the war and fight for his country An idol is not required. He has already proved his integrity and the goodness of his heart when he temporarily trumped the Hydra supreme brainwashing and did what was right. And even when he had retired and was living as a “White Wolf” in Wakanda, he still returned to fight Thanos. But Steve’s absence and his ability to improve his own past is hamstrung.

On the other hand, while Sam is actually following in Steve’s footsteps, he is not going to let anything past or present stop him from doing what is right. He needs a “can do” attitude as well as someone who is working for the people and not the government.

Thus, the title for Captain America is now for graves and Falcon and Winter Soldier There are several episodes away from revealing the answer, which you think is a better candidate for the shield — Bucky or Sam, both have merits and demerits. Tell us!

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