Who are you based on your favorite karaoke song?

Hi to you, the karaoke fan. So how do you like to take the mic to entertain the crowd with your best vibes? That’s great, but did you know that by doing this you reveal your true personality to the whole world, and that when you sing karaoke others can read you like a book? Yes, a book. Well now you know, and I’m going to prove it to you by revealing who you are through your favorite karaoke song. Put away your wallet, the first session is free.

1. I’ll go where you go – Celine Dion and Jean-Jacques Goldman

You’re a big loser living life at 200 miles an hour. Continue to draw on the kiff highway but don’t forget the turn signals because an accident can happen quickly.

2. Nocturnal Confessions – Vitaa and Diam’s

You are far too emotionally dependent. You always need to be with people and you pee with the door open for fear of being alone. I advise you to leave for 2 months backpacking solo in Thailand to toughen up.

3. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

You’re way too naive to trust anyone. The last time, you still gave the keys to your car to a guy you met in the evening, and yet this guy had the inscription “I’m getting out of prison, so what? » on his t-shirt.

4. Connemara Lakes – Michel Sardou

You are in business school and we can say that you have a sense of celebration. With your tie around your head, your extra drink and your credit that you’ll take 10 years to repay, you sing very (too) loud to forget that you have a terrible life after all and that you absolutely didn’t want any of this. who is waiting for you.

5. Gabrielle – Johnny Halliday

You miss the days before when you could still smoke in maternity wards and drive at 130 on the sidewalks, the days when you could still laugh at everything and especially at others. Basically, you’re old.

6. Take on me – A-Ha

You manage to climb high and you want it to be known. Blow up crystal with your glottis? A hobby. Popping a Vouvray flute on a high C? Child’s play.

7. Someone Like You – Adele

You are one attention whore who tries to shine the light on you in all circumstances, the kind of person who dresses better than the bride and groom at a wedding. The kind of person who defines himself as “endearing” but who is more “boring” than “atta”.

8. Shallow – Lady Gaga et Bradley Cooper

You’re the kind of person who gets friendzoned all the time. Don’t ask me why, it’s free.

9. My Brother – The 10 Commandments

You never said “I love you” to your friends but you jump on the first occasion at karaoke to make up for it with this song. It’s time to learn how to communicate your emotions; there won’t always be a microphone and a disco ball to help you speak your mind.

10. The Adventurer – Indochina

You can’t sing, but you still want to join the party, because for you life is a party. As soon as something happens, you celebrate it. Your cousin is graduating? Party. Your mother is retiring? Party. Is it the 122 years of Peru’s Independence? Party. Did your grandfather die of a myocardial infarction? Party. Yes, you really can’t stop, which can sometimes be a bit annoying for others. Stop throwing confetti on this coffin please, it’s embarrassing.

11. The Tribe of Dana – Manau

You have joined your wife, your son and your domain. And you fought well.

12. Marcia Baila – Les Rita Mitsouko

Everything about you is left-wing: your clothes, your books, your decoration, your passions, and even your dog. How do I know? Well, because you called it “Guevara” and painted it red. Poor little dog.

13. Bring the Cup Home – Vegedream

2018 was the best year of your life, and you’ve been slowly sinking into despair ever since. Don’t worry, we’ll win that cup back one day. You will surely have white hair by then but it does not matter.

14. Zombie – The Cranberries

Stop. Stop this carnage please. You do not know how to sing. Someone had to tell you one day. When you sing, people bleed from their ears, and their ears bleed from people. It’s horrible.

15. Last Dance – Kyo

Have to move on. Forget your fucking ex and learn to live alone ok, you’ll see it feels good. Except for the times when you feel alone. There it will be relou. And it will happen often. And your friends won’t give a damn…

Find someone actually.

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