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Karan Bajaj, an Indian entrepreneur who teaches meditation and invites others to live a life away from the noise in his recent book, is going after the most vocal critic of his startup.

Bajaj, the founder of a coding platform aimed at Kids Whitehat Jr., has filed a defamation lawsuit against Pradeep Poonia, an engineer who publicly stated his marketing strategy, the quality of courses on the platform, and the aggressive takedown of such a response Is criticized.

In the lawsuit – in which Bajaj is seeking $ 2.6 million in damages – Poonia has been accused of copyrighting trademarks and assets owned by Whiteheart Jr., spreading and spreading misleading information about the startup and its founder, and the company’s personal communications He has been accused of accessing the app.

The lawsuit also accuses Poonia of making strong allegations such as publicly sharing the phone numbers of Whitehat Jr. employees and comparing the startup’s marketing strategy to “child sexual exploitation”.

But the lawsuit, replete with spelling and grammatical mistakes, also indicates how little criticism WhiteHatzr, a startup owned by Biju, India’s second most valuable startup, has accepted.

According to a Slack Channel internal post by Whitehat Jr., shared by Poonia, the startup has aggressively used copyright protection in recent months to take numerous unflattering feedback about the startup.

The suit also expresses concern with Poonia accusing Whiteheart Jr. of committing “a murder”, which was featured in one of its earlier advertisements.

A 12-year-old child named “Wolf Gupta” appeared in previous advertisements for Whitehat Jr., claiming that the child had landed a lucrative job on Google. The child is not present, Bajaj’s lawyer says in the suit. Ironically, Bindu Poonia, who spent a long time trying to get more information about this child, was making it in her tweets.

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