Whirlwind Celebrity Romances That Actually Worked Out

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez Get Cozy at Christmas Celebration

Okay, to refer to a situation that people had doubts about, look no further than the Beighers who had known each other for years and dated in the distant past, but proposed a month after Justin The newborn flame was barely revived. Two months later That, On September 13, 2018, he made it official in a courtyard in New York City.

Their honeymoon period was not right – “The thing is, marriage is very hard. That’s the sentence you should go on with. It’s really tough,” Haley reported. the trend In early 2019 – and Justin questions his long-term ability to be loyal to himself. But, he has said that he was committed to her and that is the rock he needs.

“Obviously, it took work and things are going on in the past between us, but it was all worth it,” Hickey told Elle In early 2020. “He is an incredible, wonderful man, and such a good companion to go through life. There is no one else I ever wanted to spend my life with other than him. So I am lucky.”

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