Which Cannabis Bevvie Will Make Your Tastebuds Tingle?

Here is the final installment of our primer on cannabis drinks: what they are, what they contain, and products that match your personality

Cannabis bevy

In part One Of our series, We introduce you to the brave new world of cannabis drinks, and in part Two, We break down the ingredients and flavor profiles.

In this final installment, we give you merchandise when you can consider one of these adult-only beverages as a novel way to toast a special (or, frankly, generic) moment . Truss Beverages Company is a very thoughtfully crafted company that matches those moments and your personality. Born from a partnership between Hexo Corp and Molson Coors Canada, Truss has put a significant amount of research and expert knowledge into its beverage offering. The company prides itself as cannabis beverage experts and their portfolio includes a wide variety of options such as the diverse people who drink them. Here is one of their four brands of rundown. Newbies advice: Start with a low dose, go slow and adjust as you go.

If you want a moment for yourself

Bend in one of Weinvell’s easy-gleaming waters: Sicilian lemon, which has a subtle twist-of-lemon flavor, and Strawberry Hibiscus, a light carbonated drink with floral hints and notes of strawberries. With 15 mg of CBD and 0.5 mg of THC, two flavors are perfect for a night of your latest streaming binge-watch. In addition to sparkling drinks, Venvell makes three different cannabis extracts: Exhale Drops (1mg of CBD for every 2 drops) for toggle drops (0.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD) when you want to sit on the couch. Use the. In the mood for … you know, and Yawn drops (1mg per THC in two drops) are the perfect pairing for your nightstand.

If you are planning a delicious meal

Confidence in the House of Terence, for a complex sparkling tonic with botanically sour terpenes that will rock your testbuds. It has both balanced tonics (5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD each) that use the main terpene flavor found in cannabis as a star element in the tonic itself. Limonene and sparkling tonic emphasize the taste of lemon, tangerine and thyme flavor – experience a twist of lemon peel and a sour sip of something completely unfamiliar to add a sprig of oregano. And the Myrcene and Sparkling Tonic, with its charcoal and clove notes, would pair well with an orange wedge.

If you want to watch sports (or reality TV – your choice)

If you drink some gulp while watching a game or your favorite reality-show confection (it contains THC), Mollo has you covered with two lightly chopped, crisp options with an easy drinking flavor. Molo 2.5 contains 2.5 mg, yep, of both THC and CBD, while Molo 5 has twice the amount of cannabinoids.

If you want a toast of victory every day

In a year like 2020, we deserve the most of any teeny little wins — so why not take one of Little Victory’s four sparkling drinks as part of an intrapto celebration. Dry grapefruit and dry lemon flavor are fluffy, light-colored beverages with little tannic mouthfill, made from large-sized grapes in the Northwest. Sparkling blood orange and sparkling dark cherry drinks are flavor-forward in their great offers. With 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD in every drink, this quad squad is actually ideal for socially deformed hangs.

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