Where to open a game studio – TipsClear

Where to open a game studio – TipsClear

With game The industry is booming, with more entrepreneurs evaluating where their new startup is based or opening a new office for their existing company. US government blocks on H1-B and L-1 visas will encourage American game startups to add an office abroad than they would otherwise have. But where?

This spring, I surveyed several game-focused VCs, who are said to have the best centers for game studios targeting the Western game market. Many places were heavily recommended – which I have shared below – but the most interesting thing was the lack of consensus.

Game studios are geographically less focused than other categories of VC-supported startups. Although it has been stated on Twitter and in the conference stages that “you can build a successful startup anywhere,” most investors will push founders to search in the SF Bay Area, or at least in LA, NYC or London . In the meantime, the most common piece of advice from people I talked to: you probably should No A gaming startup base in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Access to the right talent is a top priority, as is the ability to retain them. Proximity matters to investors, but a successful game quickly turns into a profit, reducing the need for funding beyond Series A (and beyond U.S. and European VCs, which focus on gaming Focuses, they are very wide). Quality of life, ease of obtaining visas and access to strategic partners all come into play and will weigh these recommendations differently depending on who you are and the sport you are developing.

Three notes:

  • I focused on qualitative research, looking at assessments of top investors tracking new startups in the region, where action has just been taken.
  • The scope of this survey is limited to studios targeting the Western gaming market, so leading hubs in Asia are not included.
  • I group cities according to metropolitan area, for example, Redwood City in San Francisco and Bellevue in Seattle.

North America

In North America, Los Angeles is receiving numerous endorsements, with Montreal, Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, and Vancouver as all other top centers. Regarding cities with the most interesting gaming startups recently, Ryan Lai of the Makers Fund said, “It’s hard to name a best place, but Toronto, Culver City (in Los Angeles), Orange County (next to Los Angeles In) has grown rapidly. Gaming is popular recently among the founders. ”

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