Comedy King Kapil Sharma is celebrating his 40th birthday today. The actor has taken a long journey coming from a humble background in Amritsar to achieve a life that many cannot even dream of. Kapil is currently on paternity leave and is scheduled to return with a new season of The Kapil Sharma Show in May.

On his way to stardom, Kapil Sharma has suffered many defeats along with his team members, who are struggling with depression and even have an uplift in their careers. During the promotion of his film Firangi, which he also produced, Kapil talked about the tough times and fought it with bravery. He shared that he shut himself up, believing that the world hates him only after receiving negativity. He further said that once he got out he realized that people still love him and this gave him the courage to get back.

Today on Kapil Sharma’s birthday, we dug an old interview with Zoom, where he talked about making his way in the industry without a godfather. The actor also indicated that while nepotism is prevalent, it is always the audience who is the last word on the actor’s development.

He said, “Everyone has their own experience, some come through networks, some find their way. I wouldn’t say that people who enter through Godfather are not talented. However, at the end of the day, it is only your talent that will take you to places. Even if you get a big launch, if you can’t act, the public will not see you. For me, I did theater, then worked in regional channels, then came on national television. Reality takes part in the show Yeh Kya Hota Hai, Fir film and now produced (I started with the reality show and then made a film and now produced one). I always believe that one should keep working hard, God will show you the right path. “

The actor also opened up about how they believe that supreme power shows the way, especially in difficult times. Responding to the interviewer about how it can be challenging to make people laugh when he is feeling low, Kapil said, “A lot depends on how you handle it and sometimes, This is the phase that empowers you. I remember when I was a drama teacher in a college, my father was in the ICU. I was called to be with him but I had to stay back because my students were in an important competition. We were ready. I think it was God who helped me to sail through such a difficult time. “

He also shared an incident when he was informed of the death of a friend five minutes before going on stage. “I was doing Comedy Nights back then and it was a one-night shoot. As soon as I got the call, I got really upset and didn’t know how to deal with it. However, I took a five-minute break, and was on stage. I think a magic happens when you go to work with a good intention, ”he noted.

Apart from the new season of The Kapil Sharma Show, 2021 looks exciting for Kapil Sharma as he is also set Debut on Netflix with her new show. On a personal front, the actor married Ginni Chatrath in 2018 and was blessed with daughter Anaira the following year. He first welcomed a child in February.

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