When Game of Thrones Ended, HBO Lost Half Its Viewers

HBO lost more than half of its adult audience after Game of Thrones ended. The hit series, which is based on George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, became a cultural phenomenon during its 8 seasons on HBO. The quality was unique in the early seasons, although more than a few game of Thrones Fans would admit that some quality fell by the time the show arrived in the later seasons.

game of Thrones Helped take HBO to new heights as it became one of the most watched networks in North America. According to a new report, the network saw a lot of people leave game of Thrones Season 8 ended. 12 million people tuned in to watch the series finale and then apparently stopped watching HBO. The network has reportedly lost 51% of its adult audience (aged 19–4) after the series finale, and analysts believe all this is due. game of Thrones.

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The same report states that HBO has lost 38% of its overall audience compared to 2019. Now, they are going out of their way to promote HBO Max, and these dwindling numbers prove more than likely why they have been so aggressive in their marketing and announcements. Warner Bros. shocked the entertainment industry when they announced that all of their 2021 big-screen releases would premiere simultaneously on HBO Max, and at no additional cost to customers. As to whether or not their entire 2021 slate will be released in such a way that it is not clearly revealed as it is a rapid response.

HBO’s previous success was largely based on game of Thrones. Even critically acclaimed Janitor The series was not enough to help the network. With that being said, there are some Game of Thrones spin-offs along the way, and many are hoping that fans will return to see these new stories at HBO, which feature unknown characters. While the excitement for the spin-off is high, fans are still more than a little bitterness when it comes to how the original series ended.

The Game of Thrones series Finale is one of the most divisive episodes in TV history. This immediately sparked a backlash from passionate fans, who told HBO to go back to their show-writers and writers to show off a new set and recreate Season 8 as a whole. Millions of people signed petitions to go back to the network and make things right, though everyone knew it was not a realistic option. Will HBO return to successful viewership with spin-offs in the future? Only time will tell as HBO Max remains the only focus on moving forward. After first losing half its adult audience after reporting on a variety of HBOs game of Thrones Finished.

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