What’s New on Disney+ in September 2020

If you like pop culture, you’re probably a fan of at least one franchise that owns Disney – and Disney + has almost all of them. From Simpson And from Pixar to Marvel and Disney Channel Originals, Disney + has a lot to offer, and its list is only getting stronger. Disney plans to add more movies, TV shows and original productions to its already impressive list of titles launched in the remaining days of 2020.

Since its launch in November, Disney has been bringing new changes to the service almost every week. In the interest of making sure you don’t miss anything, here’s the latest list of new movies and upcoming shows on Disney + as well as recently added to the service. We will update the list regularly as additions have been announced, and we should always see the project in bold.

Note: This list does not include new episodes of the ongoing series.

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Our top picks for September


Until recently, Disney had a live-action remake Mulan There was a definite bet to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. However, the ongoing epidemic bandh has caused Disney to try something new. Mulan The premiere of Disney + will be the first film to be released on Access Tier. For $ 30, fans will get instant access Mulan As of September 4, they subscribe to Disney +.

However, no singing dragons are expected in this film. Director Nikki Karo leads the drama and action, as Liu Yufi’s Mulan disguises as a youth and goes to war. Mullan defies the cultural taboo of his time, and makes his way towards honor. The film features a supporting cast, featuring Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Yosan Ann, Gong Lee and Jet Li. We suspect that a lot of families are eagerly awaiting this film, and it looks like it is a wild ride.


It should be no surprise that the R-rated Logan Will never be on Disney +. Thank God, Wolverine The next best thing for fans. For Hugh Jackman’s second solo X-Men film, the story loosely depicts the first Wolverine Comic book by Chris Claremont and artist Frank Miller. While mourning the loss of Jean Gray, Logan takes an old friend out of debt. However, Logan soon defends himself from dangerous assassins, while his healing powers fail him. More worryingly, Logan is working hard for Taiko Okamoto’s Mariko Yashida, a woman who is married. It is a heartwarming story with impressive action that makes it one of the best X-Men films ever made.

Everything new on Disney + in September

4 September

  • Ancient China from Above: Season 1
  • D2: The Mighty Duck
  • D3: The Mighty Duck
  • Ned the earth: session 1
  • Mulan (2020) – Premier Access Only
  • never been Kissed
  • Strange magic
  • trick or Treat
  • Wolverine

September 11

18 September

  • Becoming: Season 1
  • bend It Like Beckham
  • Coop and Kemi Ask the World: Season 2
  • From Above Europe: Season 1
  • Ever after: a cinderella story
  • Kingdom of the Mummies: Season 1
  • Marvel Superhero Adventures: Sisson 4
  • Notre Dame: Race Against Inferno
  • Once upon a time: Seasons 1-7
  • Soya Luna: Seasons 2-3
  • Violet: Season 3
  • Rogue Tuna: Season 9

25 September

  • Fancy Nancy: Fancy It Yourself: Season 3
  • Giant Outlaw Crab
  • Gordon Ramsay: Untouched: Season 2
  • Disney of animal kingdom: session 1
  • Muppet Bobbies: Season 2
  • Of the ocean
  • Port Conservation: Alaska: Season 3
  • Secret Society of Second-Born Royals
  • Sydney to the Max: Season 2
  • Wild central america: session 1
  • X-ray Earth: Season 1

If you missed everything coming to Disney + in August, you can find it below.

Everything new on Disney + in August

7 August

  • Hidden states of china
  • Howard
  • Peanut Movie
  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Edge of Star Wars Galaxy: Adventure Waits
  • X Men

14 August

  • Ant man and wasp
  • Greatest showman
  • Wild leopard of india
  • Jungle Animal Rescue: Season 1
  • Magic camp
  • Nature Boom Time: Season 1
  • The one and only evan
  • Sam’s Zookeeper Challenge: Season 1
  • World of Scuba Sam: Season 1
  • Excluded: season 1
  • TOTS Calling All TOTS: Season 1
  • TOTS: Season 1
  • Wild Cats of India: Season 1
  • Corpse 2

21 August

  • Alaska Animal Rescue: Season 1
  • Back to titanic
  • beauty and the Beast
  • Mars: One day on the red planet

28 August

  • Alice through the Looking Glass
  • Fantastic Four
  • Phineas and Ferb: The Movie: Candace Against the Universe

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