What It’s Like to Speak Out as a Black Person in Bachelor Nation

What It's Like to Speak Out as a Black Person in Bachelor Nation

While he now has nearly two million followers after his acclaimed time as a graduate, Teshia Adams While she competed, an undeniable disparity was seen between the follower count for white and BIPOC’s competitors Colton underwoodHeart in 2019.

Adams told E that despite making a spot in the final three, “I was one of the girls with the least amount of money compared to girls who were in week five or six.” News in a recent interview. “I had too much airtime, my family was involved, I had very few people and dates, we really had a connection and the other girls had quote-following followers. I’ve definitely experienced it. “

And it’s not just women contestants of color who have seen that division.

Just look at Adams’ last four men: while the white finals Zach Clarke, Ben Smith And Brendan Morris All have over 300,000 followers, Ivan Hall, Which is black, is 162,000.

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