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Since its first offering after purchasing DirectTV, AT&T is intent on making online content available to its users. Those efforts have taken many forms over the years, with rebranding from DirecTV to AT&T TV Now, with a variety of models and packages that have now been added extensively to the current service called AT&T TV.

AT&T can be quite opaque when it comes to understanding its services, pricing levels, and what you’re actually getting, so we can really help AT&T dive into TV. And if it may be suitable for you. Currently, AT&T TV is a strong choice to skip cable altogether without using too much content or multiple platforms to get what you want.

What is AT&T TV?

AT&T is a streaming service bundle offered to customers in the United States at a monthly fee. In its current form, the service is a combination of on-demand streaming like you watch on Netflix and Hulu, as well as live TV that is streamed rather than provided by cable – how Sling TV operates.

AT&T TV requires an Android TV-based set-top box for your entertainment system, but it can also work through the AT&T Now app for mobile devices. You can access streaming apps you’re already using, such as Netflix or Disney +, directly through AT & T’s interface so you don’t have to change platforms to see what you want ( Although third-party fees have to be managed separately).

What are the features of AT&T TV?

The streaming service can mimic many of the capabilities found in more traditional cable or satellite subscriptions – which is one reason it’s a good choice for those looking to replace those options with a streaming model. Users can browse live TV channels, including local channels and on-demand movies, as well as add premium channels based on package or preference.

The set-top box Android compatibility means that it also supports Google Assistant voice commands for quick searches or channel surfing, although you don’t need an Android device to use the more versatile app version – making it popular like iOS Can also be downloaded on the platform. .

AT&T TV channels vary but include channels such as the BBC and CNN archive, CNBC, ComedyTV, a few different ESPN channels, Discovery, The Disney Channel, HGTV, TCM and more. This guide provides a complete list of all the channels available and what packages come with them so that you can double check for your favorites.

The service also comes with a fixed amount of DVR cloud storage. This allows you to record shows and skip commercials just like a traditional DVR, as long as you keep your cloud storage empty.

Does AT&T TV have any original content?

No, AT&T TV is not that kind of streaming service. All content is created through entertainment divisions like HBO and offered as a possible upgrade for AT&T TV, depending on what kind of total package you want to put together. The service closest to the original content will be a high-level package offering things like a free year of HBO Max, which naturally includes all of HBO’s original content.

What are the pricing and packages for AT&T TV?

What's on at & t tv

There are four primary levels for AT&T TV. Let’s see what they got:

  • Entertainment – $ 69.99 per month: It is the base package with the lowest channels at the lowest cost. It includes live TV, most on-demand titles and 20 hours of cloud DVR storage. There is no streaming subscription included, so you will also have to pay for additional apps.
  • Option – $ 84.99 per month: Choice is a significant upgrade that adds 20 more channels such as additional ESPN channels, cooking channels, and more – plus a free subscription to HBO Max for the entire year. You get access to even more on-demand titles on the service, and access to regional sports networks that make it easier to watch local sports.
  • Last – $ 94.99 per month: It includes everything that’s in the Choice Package, plus 20 more channels that include things like NHL Network and FXM, and even more on-demand titles. Both HBO Max’s free year and support for regional sports networks are also included here.
  • Premier – $ 139.99 per month: The Premier package significantly increases the price to throw in subscriptions for all streaming apps available directly under the AT&T umbrella. Which includes HBO Max, Starz and Showtime. You still have to pay for a completely different app that has no AT&T involvement, such as Netflix or Hulu. The number of channels has also increased, and you have access to a full list of 75,000-odd on-demand titles.

While 20 hours of cloud DRV storage is included with each package, any package can be upgraded to unlimited cloud storage for an additional $ 10 per month. Note that additional taxes may apply to all packages, as may AT & T’s periodic exemption. You also have to pay a monthly fee for using AT & T’s set-top boxes.

AT&T also recommends an Internet speed of at least 24 Mbps to use, and limits users to three concurrent out-of-home streams at once. Additionally, DirecTV and U-Verse TV subscribers cannot apply for AT&T TV: you will need to contact an AT&T representative and discuss stopping those old subscriptions and switching to this service.

Important note on the future of AT&T TV

In May 2021, AT&T confirmed its intention to spin off all of its entertainment assets at Discovery to create a new venture that would include HBO, Warner Bros., CNN and more.

This would be a major change for the entertainment industry, and would have to be approved at the federal level before the spin-off could begin. If this Does The future of AT&T TV is completely unclear. AT&T could maintain a contract with this new theoretical company that would allow AT&T TV to remain relatively unchanged – or it is possible that the telecom giant would completely remove its additional streaming services during the transition and just live Will be with TV. Whatever happens, it will probably take years to build up, and we will be sure to keep you fully updated to avoid any surprises.

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