What is a Perfect Skin?

What is a Perfect Skin?

Come on, I confess: 
I’m a little fascinated by the beauty, Constance Jablonski. Constance is one of the best models who is admired by most. I think she has a grace and elegance both extremely simple and unreal, I am correct know? For example; in this above photo also she wears zero makeup, maybe a little mascara I guess but that is all nothing more is added to her natural beauty. Her skin is beautiful.

What about the pores?

Certainly, the idea is not to compare but shedding light on awareness. She is on top with the goodness of art which render her the accolade in beauty. I know everyone wants to remove the pores in their skin, as if they do not exist, as in the above hyper retouched photograph. 

One of my cousins who are very perfectionist in beauty speaks to me over the years all about pores but luckily she was not affected by the new craze of poreless skin. She even abandoned the idea of having a super matte skin, while it had been her obsession for long years.

From her experience, I can conclude that you cannot control a shiny skin, apart from moisturizing but it will always shine a little. Today; In her views, a good skin that is at its best is elastic, moisturized and soft. For her, she understands her pores will never disappear because she has a skin of different nature so she has to live with it.

But when she wants to have a nickel complexion she is doing make up for herself and that is enough for her. And now she no longer seeks perfection. What is your idea about perfect skin? Will you accept nature or do you feel more for having a beautiful skin if so then it is your struggle for every day.

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