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When larry liu Moved to the US in 2003, one of the first challenges he faced was the lack of available Chinese ingredients in local groceries. A resident of the Chinese province of Hubei, famous for freshwater fish and lotus-inspired dishes, Liu found a limited supply of local Asian groceries in the Bay Area.

His yearning for homegrown food eventually led him to leave a stable financial management role at microcontroller company Atmel and the online marketplace selling Asian products, snacks and skincare products!

Like other players in grocery e-commerce, the five-year-old startup has seen rapid growth as the outbreak of coronovirus is limited to cooking and eating in the millions. According to Statista figures, about a quarter of Americans purchased groceries online to avoid offline shopping during the epidemic. Online grocery giants Instacart and Walmart Grocery boomed, both of which downloaded records.

TipsClear, in a zoom call with Liu, who is now the chief executive of Weee! Stated that COVID-19 played a “very important role” in his company’s recent growth, and paved its way to profitability.

“It happened much faster than we expected, but we were growing faster with even more ambitious plans to expand before COVID-19,” he said. “People are buying more because restaurants are closed. Many are first-time grocery delivery users. “

The startup’s revenue is 700% year-over-year and it is estimated that it will generate annual revenue of at least millions of dollars.

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