Wells Adams Hints at Possible Courthouse Wedding to Sarah Hyland

Wells Adams Hints at Possible Courthouse Wedding to Sarah Hyland

Coronavirus pandemic canceled Wells adams And fiance Sara HighlandThe wedding is planned for 2020, but it may have pushed him in a completely new direction for his newlyweds.

Wells and Sarah were originally to marry in August 2020 Click on bat with bachelor nation Podcast, Bachelor in heaven The bartender told Teshia Adams, Joe Amabile And guest co-host Natasha Parker He expects his marriage to clear all the uncertainties of the world. Sarah, who has struggled with multiple health issues and received her second kidney transplant in 2018, one after another in 2012, is particularly at high risk for coronovirus.

“I don’t know that many of your fans know this, but [Sarah is] immunocompromised. She is a transplant recipient, so she takes pills so that she does not reject this new kidney in her body. We have to be super careful about the epidemic, more so than most people our age, “Wells explained.” We had to push it around the first time, it was tough. Thought it would be pushed this year. “

While they are expected to perform the same program in the summer of 2021, Wells said they may decide to have a wildly different type of wedding instead.

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