Week in Review: Venture-backed loneliness – ClearTips

Week in Review: Venture-backed loneliness – TechCrunch

Hello everyone and welcome back to the review in the week! Natasha here, subduing Lucas. This week, we’ll talk about the loneliness of how money will grow and how Zoom Fatigue is promoting innovation.

Happy Holidays to all! Look for more festive content next week, including the launch of our annual ClearTips Gift Guide.

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Big story

In the last month, I spent time working outside the virtual headquarters. Dozens of founders are using spatial technology and gamut to create an online world. Consumers are invited to increase the ease of in-person events such as work days or weddings. The founders are testing whether the metaverse can be brought into the mainstream. After bouncing a few suicides around myself, I was very impressed (especially as a non-gamer) about how comfortable the stage felt. It feels special to bump someone up in 2020.

You can read more of my story here, including a demo video and photos to give you a sense of place. For today, however, I want to talk about what I think the rise of virtual headquarters is not so subtly telling us.

The founders are trying to disrupt loneliness in this chapter of the coronovirus epidemic. There is a change that is trying to fix the technology at its core, and it is a little dynamic called zoom fatigue.

For example, in March, we saw startups trying to take remote work to the masses. Now, in November, we’re seeing a startup race to fix the broken, tired world of remote work.

The issue here, I think, is that the founders are trying to address the lack of ease and solidarity in our lives. Spontaneously, by definition, cannot be forced. And the community will always feel different in person. These underlying skirmishes make us, or at least me, question what technology is lacking. That said, the virtual event platform Hoppin and its $ 2 billion valuation cured me.

Still, as we look at chasing startups to fix the next big pain point that everyone can agree on, it will be important to track what is an enterprise-worthy problem, and what exists more .

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Round up

A White House In Transition

It has been a busy week for a shifting White House and big technology. President Trump fired US cybersecurity officer Chris Krebs for rejecting false electoral claims. Meanwhile, two platforms sparked the fire of misinformation, with Facebook and Twitter giving another testimony before Congress. Big Tech will continue to face backlash when the Biden Administration takes the lead, especially when it comes to antitrust regulation. However, this is not all bad news for tech: President-elect Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan and tech-friendly transition team can help startups. more here.

COVID-19 vaccine race

This week, Pfizer and BioNTech sought emergency approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for their COVID-19 vaccine, which is 95% effective. Khabar Modern reports that its vaccine is 94.5% effective. While the proposed approval could get the vaccine in the hands of high-risk populations, a wide-spread vaccine will not be available until 2021. Keep reading here

Apple’s latest intel

As my colleague Brian Heiter says, “there may not be every refreshing revolution” in hardware product updates. That said, Apple’s latest trio of Macs have impressed. We have reviews on Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In particular, the line is operated by MAC’s in-house microchips, which has been pushing an effort in the works since 2008. This is a win for Apple, and a loss for Intel, which until now was powering the Mac. Nevertheless, Intel has been taking its break-up with Apple ever since, announcing its own white-labeled laptop.

TC: Session space is fast approaching

NASA and SpaceX successfully launched four astronauts – and one special guest – into space for their first operational dragon crew mission. History has been made – which makes our upcoming event even more exciting and punctual. This year, ClearTips is hosting its first ever dedicated space program on 16 and 17 December. TC: The Sessions Space Agenda is packed, and includes fireside chats with the heads of the US Space Force, NASA officials and more. Get your tickets now.

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