What is ‘nose cover’ — and why are  Gen Zers doing it in family photos?

Concerned parents have noticed their own teenagers partaking in the covering nose trend, unable to capture a smiling photo during treasured moments.

Venezuela Fury, the daughter of boxer  Tyson Fury, and her cousin, Valentino, have been captured shielding their faces from the camera on more than one occasion. But why?

Teens often seek out embarrassing photos of each other on social media to “roast” them. Covering their faces, then, is a way to potentially evade teasing.

Blocking their faces in photos allows teens to protect themselves from teasing but still appease their parents by posing for pictures.

Parenting expert  Amanda Jenner also attributes the trend to teenagers’ acne-riddled awkward phase:

A period where they aren’t “embracing their appearance.”

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