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Feb 7, 2024

What are the best street foods to have when in Lucknow

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Lucknowi biryani is the most delicious street cuisine in Lucknow, and you must not miss it. This delicious dish is made with slow-cooked rice that has been flavored with a variety of veggies, yogurt, spices, fried onions, and mint leaves.

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Kebabs have been a staple of Lucknow's streets for a very long time. They are unquestionably the best street food in the city. Trying these delicious kebabs won't make your trip to this city complete.

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Chole bhature

People still like to eat traditional Punjabi food in Lucknow, and it's unquestionably a must-try dish there.

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Basket chaat

Basket Chaat is another well-known dish from Lucknow's streets. A crunchy potato skin that is packed with peas, loads of veggies, tangy chutney, and mashed potatoes.

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Nihari kulcha

What makes this curry special is that it's cooked all night on low heat with herbs and spices, producing a flavorful result.

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Sheermal is a sweet naan made with milk or sheer; to balance and improve the flavor of the food, this sweet naan is eaten with spicy curries.

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Chicken shawarma

There's something special about the delicious chicken shawarma that is served at non-vegetarian eateries in Lucknow. Thin chicken pieces are marinated in a concoction of herbs, sauces, yogurt, lemon juice, and other ingredients to make this dish.

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Kulfi faluda

This dessert is ideal for satisfying your sweet taste. It is widely recognized by both locals and visitors, and it is conveniently located on every corner of the street.

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This is a popular street snack from Lucknow made with coconut, betel leaves, and other spices. It is well known for its flavor and is a beloved dessert to have after supper.

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