[ad_1] Vastu tips to attract more money in your home

Vastu tips to attract more money in your home

Feb 2, 2024

By: ET Online

Organise your home

Make sure there is no clutter in your house or place of business. As a result, your home has an increased flow of positive energy and money.

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No medicine here

It's best not to carry medications in your wallet because doing so will make things worse in your life.

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Dustbin scraps

Remember that there should be no trash can or recycling placed facing west or southeast. Modify its location since it causes financial barriers and hinders the flow of money to them.

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Beautify entrance

Goddess Lakshmi will come into your home through the main entrance. Thus, maintain it tidy and adorn it with wealth-related feng shui symbols.

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Save water for money

Leaky or runny faucets, along with other plumbing issues, indicate financial loss. Therefore, fix them right away.

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Use symbols

According to vastu, you can attract wealth and tranquility by keeping statues of laughing Buddha, wealth ships, and gem trees.

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Grow plants

Having plants in your living room is a surefire way to draw wealth into your home. As you furnish your home, add more and more greenery.

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Sunlight and money

Make sure your mirrors and windows are clear and let natural light into your home. Negativity is what a dark room will bring into your life.

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