Passenger trapped in airplane bathroom for entire flight gets note from attendant:  ‘Sir, we tried our best’

A SpiceJet passenger had the crappiest flying experience ever after getting trapped in the lavatory for nearly the entire flight.

The flyer  went to use the lavatory shortly after takeoff on a  one-hour-and-45-minute night flight from Mumbai to Bengaluru Tuesday, Indian Express reported.

However, when he tried to leave after doing his business, the door wouldn’t open due to a lock malfunction, effectively trapping the passenger inside the bathroom. 

The crew and other passengers desperately attempted to free the flyer from outhouse arrest, but to no avail.

In an attempt to  calm the passenger, crewmembers slid a note under the door a la FBI negotiators trying to reassure a hostage.

His solitary can-finement finally ended upon landing. Two engineers boarded the aircraft and broke open the door, rescuing the commode captive from outhouse arrest, after which he received “immediate medical support.”

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