Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Feb 13, 2024, 03:31 PM IST

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Riya Teotia

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the best gifts for your loved ones on any occasion. Just choose a brand of their choice and buy a gift card for them. They can choose whatever they like from their favourite brand and you don't have to worry about their likes or dislikes.

Handmade or customised gift

Handmade gifts are a personal and thoughtful way to show your loved ones how grateful you are to them. If you're artistic, you could make your own Valentine's Day cards or decorations and can even give a personalised touch to each gift.

Spa Coupon

What's better than a soothing spa session after running hundreds of errands and working on weekdays? Gift your loved ones a relaxing session to give them a break from all the hustle-bustle of fast life. 

Kindle Subscription

To all the book lovers, what's a better gift than a Kindle subscription? They can choose which books they want to read instead of you brainstorming to find a book from their favourite genre.

Scentend Candles 

Scented candles soothe the environment and calm the mind, which is much needed for your partner to calm themselves after a hectic day. Gift your loved ones a set of scented candles that are easily available in markets, and fill their lives with light and calmness.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are therapeutic and have healing properties. Gifting them to your loved ones on Valentines Day will not only be a unique gift but will also show that you care about their emotional and mental well-being as well.