[ad_1] Cutest dogs that (almost) never bite

Cutest dogs that (almost) never bite

Labrador Retrievers

Their eagerness to please makes them easy to train and will do whatever you want them to do. This means that they won't bite anyone unless you ask them to.

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This ferocious-looking pooch is actually a mushball and have a laidback nature. They love to laze around and would rarely bite anyone.

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Boxers are smart, trainable, and loyal. They’re also playful, patient, and protective, making them a non-biter.

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They tend to bark when upset or scared, but they don’t usually respond by biting or attacking people.

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Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers remain popular for their loyalty, intelligence and kindness. They love their families and have a loving nature towards everyone.

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Pugs are some of the most well-behaved dogs out there. They often won't bite someone they don't like, preferring to simply bark.

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Beagles are loyal and intelligent and love to keep their owners happy. They are driven by food and will listen to you if you train them properly.

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Shih Tzus

Even though shih tzus require a little bit of extra love and care, they have a good temperament and do not like to harm people by biting them.

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