[ad_1] 6 picnic spots in Delhi for a perfect weekend

Feb 8, 2024

6 picnic spots in Delhi for a perfect weekend

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Delhi and its gardens

Delhi is full of greenery and parks that offer its residents a serene escape and double up as perfect picnic spots.

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Where to visit?

Here are some beautiful parks in Delhi you can visit all year round.

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Sunder Nursery

Redesigned into an incredibly beautiful space, this heritage park is one of Delhi's most beautiful (and largest) gardens.

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Lodhi Gardens

Known for its gorgeous ruins, verdant surroundings, and numerous charming gazebos, this location is a favourite for picnics.

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India Gate Lawns

An picnic spot, a visit to the India Gate wouldn't be complete without setting up a blanket, indulging in popcorn and ice cream, and having a good time.

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Nehru Park

Spread across 85 acres, this place is ideal for picnics and walks.

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Indraprastha Park

Built on a landfill site, this beautiful park houses the World Peace Stupa. It also has a children's park, amphitheatre and much more.

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Sanjay Van

Located in the heart of Delhi, this serene forest is a peaceful site full of beautiful trees, flowers and wildlife.

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