6 Foods You Should Not Cook In Pressure Cooker

Feb 2, 2024, 06:14 PM IST

6 Foods You Should Not Cook In Pressure Cooker


1. Seafood

Delicate shellfish, shrimp and fish should not be cooked in a pressure cooker as it carries the risk of getting overcooked due to steam.

2. Pasta

Pasta's consistency gets instantly mushy due to overcooking. Hence, it is best to cook it in a pan.  

3. Dairy

The dairy-based delicacies and sauces lose their essence, texture and true taste if cooked in a pressure cooker.

4. Breaded Delights

Breadcrumbs or batter which are used for coating meat may not get crisp in the pressure cooker.

5. Fruits

It is best to avoid cooking a fruit-based dessert in a pressure cooker because the fruits' delicate texture turns too mushy when pressure-cooked.

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