6 Facts About MARCOs - India’s Toughest Men in the Seas

Jan 30, 2024, 02:18 PM IST

6 Facts About MARCOs - India’s Toughest Men in the Seas

Vikrant Singh

Behind India's daring sea operations are India’s elite marine commandos or MARCOs, firmly committed to combating piracy and all sorts of security threats in Indian waters and beyond. Let’s know more about the MARCOs.

MARCOs, formed in 1987, are among India’s top elite commando forces, besides the National Security Guard, Garud, Para commandos, Force One, and others.

These men are the toughest soldiers, always looking after the seas and ready to undertake any operation with confidence induced by rigorous training and advanced weapons.

MARCOs are modelled on the US Navy SEALS.

What makes MARCOs different from other forces is their capability to act swiftly in diverse and adverse conditions and environments. Nothing is beyond their limits, be it sky, water or land.

MARCOs are also dubbed as ‘the Fearless’, with their motto being: The few The fearless. They have also displayed immense courage in the country’s key rescue efforts and cyclone operations.

Their involvement in the Sri Lankan civil war is also acknowledged and appreciated both by Indians and Sri Lankans. During the late 1980s, they played a crucial role in seizing control of key territories held by LTTE fighters and restoring peace in the war-torn country.