5 Lesser-Known Facts About Football Icon Cristiano Ronaldo

Feb 5, 2024, 03:35 PM IST

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Football Icon Cristiano Ronaldo

Sneha Swaminathan

Before achieving global football stardom, Cristiano Ronaldo faced financial struggles during his childhood. Growing up in Madeira, Portugal, he shared a room with his siblings, and his mother worked as a cook and cleaner.

Ronaldo has expressed his passion for table tennis, considering it an essential part of his training routine. He believes it enhances his reflexes and helps maintain his quick footwork on the football field.

Ronaldo is renowned for his philanthropy. He donated £5 million to the Nepal earthquake relief efforts in 2015 and regularly contributes to various charitable causes. His generous acts include funding medical treatments and supporting children's hospitals.

Ronaldo is celebrated for his exceptional fitness and athleticism. His training routine includes a combination of cardio, weightlifting, and skill-focused exercises. He reportedly maintains a strict diet, avoiding alcohol and unhealthy foods.

Beyond football, Ronaldo has ventured into business. He owns a hotel chain called CR7, with locations in Portugal and Spain. Additionally, he has a fashion line, perfume line, and invests in various enterprises, showcasing his business acumen off the field.