Waymo, Volvo partner to develop electric robotaxis – TipsClear

Waymo, Volvo partner to develop electric robotaxis – TipsClear

Of waymo The self-driving software Footprint is expanding – this time in partnership with Volvo Car Group. The two companies announced an “exclusive” partnership on Thursday to integrate Waymo’s self-driving software into a new electric vehicle designed for ride-hailing.

Volvo and Wymo provided only a few details on the partnership and this may indeed be the case except that the companies will work together to integrate the Wymo driver into the first all-new mobility-focused electric vehicle platform for riding services . ” The phrase “first work together” is more forthcoming. We know that the new vehicle platform will be capable of Level 4 autonomy, a designation by SAE, meaning that it can handle all driving in a specific geographic area or under certain weather and road conditions.

The partnership also includes other subsidiaries under the Volvo Car Group, including electric performance brands Polstar and Link & Company International, a point that Volvo Car Group CTO Henrik Green noted specifically in its prepared statement.

Volvo Car Group CTO Heinrich Green said in a statement, “Fully autonomous vehicles have the potential to improve road safety, revolutionizing the previously unseen levels and living, working and traveling of people. ” “Our partnership with Wymo opens up new and exciting business opportunities for Volvo Cars, Polestar and Link & Co.”

The term “exclusivity” is used to describe a partnership. But without specific details it is difficult to know where it is and what it actually means. The term exclusivity is used to describe Vesmo’s Level 4 self-driving software, which suggests that both companies can co-develop or certainly share sensitive information on the internal functioning of the stack. It also indicates that the partnership is structured to include a potential licensing deal.

Waymo’s strategy so far has been to partner with automakers. Waymo handles the design of its hardware suite, software and compute systems. It then works with vehicle manufacturers to create an easily integrated vehicle with their so-called Waymo driver. These relationships have largely focused on ride-hailing applications, but can be adapted to make vehicles more suitable for local delivery, trucking and personal car ownership.

If a licensing deal is reached between the two companies, it could be similar to Wymo’s partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In May 2018, FCA announced that it had expanded its contract with Wymo to supply the self-driving car company with 62,000 Chrysler Pacific Hybrid minivans. The FCA also said at the time that it was exploring ways to license Waymo’s self-driving car technology for consumers to deploy the technology in cars.

Wymo has a supplier partnership with Jaguar Land Rover for 20,000 all-electric i-Pace vehicles. In June 2020, Wymo in partnership with Renault and Nissan carried out research into how commercial autonomous vehicles could work for passengers and packages in France and Japan.

Do not forget that Volvo still has a deal with Uber Self-driving unit Uber Advanced Technologies Group. Both Volvo and Uber ATG confirmed that its four-year partnership is still intact. As part of that partnership, Volvo is supplying Uber a vehicle designed for autonomous driving. These specialized Volvo XC90 vehicles are equipped with the necessary hardware to support Uber’s self-driving software. Uber then integrates its self-driving software stack into the vehicle. Volvo stated that “a framework agreement has been reached with Uber to deliver thousands of autonomous drive-ready vehicles.”

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