Water Settlement Payout Date, Amount, Eligibility, Claim Deadline & Online Form

The landmark settlement, approved in December 2021, compensates First Nations communities and individuals impacted by long-term drinking water advisories. Payments for these claims will commence after March 7, 2024.

Water Settlement Payout Date

To apply for the First Nations Drinking Water Settlement, individuals can submit a Claim Form for compensation. The deadline to submit the Claim Form is March 7, 2024. The Claim Form can be completed online, as a fillable PDF, or on paper.

The First Nations Drinking Water Settlement offers $8 billion in compensation, including $1.8 billion for individuals and impacted First Nations, an additional $50 million for eligible individuals who suffered specified injuries due to the drinking water advisory between November 20, 1995, and June 20, 2021.

Also offering $6 billion to support the construction, upgrading, operation, and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure in First Nations communities.

Water Settlement Payout Date Eligibility

Individual Eligibility:

  • First Nation membership: You must be a registered member of a First Nation listed as an Impacted First Nation on the official website.
  • Residency: You must have lived on an Impacted First Nation for at least one year during a drinking water advisory that lasted at least one year between November 20, 1995, and June 20, 2021.
  • Age: If you were born before November 20, 1995, your eligibility applies only to events after November 20, 13, unless you had specific physical, mental, or psychological limitations preventing earlier claims.

Water Settlement Payout Date

  • Specified Injuries: You may be eligible for additional compensation if you experienced specific health conditions linked to the advisories, like skin disorders, gastrointestinal issues, and some cancers.
  • Minors: Children born to eligible individuals during the advisory period may also be eligible for compensation.
  • Deceased individuals: Estates of deceased individuals who met the eligibility criteria at the time of death may be able to claim compensation.

How to claim Water Settlement Payout?

Claiming Online:

  • Visit the First Nations Drinking Water Settlement website at
  • Click on “Claims” in the main menu.
  • Choose “Submit a Claim” and create an account.
  • Select the claim type: Individual Damages or Specified Injuries.
  • Follow the online instructions: Answer questions about your eligibility, residency, and experiences with the drinking water advisory.
  • Upload supporting documents: This may include Band membership cards, proof of residency, and medical records (for Specified Injury claims).
  • Review and submit your claim: Carefully review your information before submitting it electronically.

Claiming with a Printable Form:

  • Download the appropriate claim form: Individual Damages index.php/claim-forms/ or Specified Injuries https://firstnationsdrinkingwater.ca/index.php/claim-forms/.
  • Print the form and fill it out carefully.
  • Gather and attach supporting documents: Similar to online claims, ensure you have documentation supporting your eligibility and claims.
  • Mail the completed form and documents to Claims Administrator, First Nations Drinking Water Settlement, PO Box 3728, Station Main, Moncton, NB E1C 8R8

First Nations Drinking Water Settlement Amount

The First Nations Drinking Water Settlement in Canada involves a total of $8 billion in compensation, allocated across different categories:

Individual Damages:

  • Up to $1.8 billion is allocated for individual compensation depending on factors like duration of advisory, age, and community residency.
  • Individual awards vary based on individual circumstances and are determined through an adjudication process.

Specified Injuries:

  • $50 million is reserved for compensation for specific health conditions linked to the long-term drinking water advisories.
  • Eligible conditions include skin diseases, gastrointestinal issues, certain cancers, and others.
  • Compensation amounts for Specified Injuries will be determined after March 7, 2024, when claims processing begins.

Impacted First Nations:

  • Each First Nation with a long-term drinking water advisory receives a base payment of $500,000.
  • Additionally, they receive 50% of the total individual compensation awarded to members residing within their community.

Prospective Relief Funding:

  • At least $6 billion is dedicated to support construction, upgrading, operation, and maintenance of water and wastewater infrastructure in First Nations communities.
  • This portion is not individual compensation but focuses on addressing the root cause of the issue and ensuring access to safe drinking water.

What are the specific issues addressed by the First Nations drinking water settlement?

Specific drinking water issues addressed by the First Nations Drinking Water Settlement in Canada, in short points:

  • Presence of harmful bacteria and protozoa: This includes E. coli, coliform bacteria, and Giardia, which can cause gastrointestinal illnesses like diarrhea and vomiting.
  • Chemical contamination: This includes arsenic, uranium, and trihalomethanes, which can lead to long-term health problems like cancer and developmental delays.
  • Inadequate treatment and disinfection: Lack of proper infrastructure and resources often meant water wasn’t adequately treated or disinfected, increasing the risk of contamination.
  • Long-term drinking water advisories: Many First Nations communities lived under these advisories for years, forcing them to boil water or rely on alternative sources like bottled water or cisterns.
  • Insufficient infrastructure: Aging and inadequate water treatment plants, distribution systems, and storage facilities contributed to the problem.

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