Watched Without Remorse? Here’s a list of top 5 Tom Clancy adaptations

Tom Clancy was the best-selling author of detective fiction, whose books were adapted into films, video-games, and even TV shows. A Clancy Without Remorse is the latest adaptation of the book. Directed by Michael B. Jordan, the film is directed by Stefano Solima and written by Taylor Sheridan and Will Staples.

Here is a list of the best Tom Clancy adaptations you can watch with no remorse.

5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Starring Chris Pine in the title role of Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit is not a bad film by any measure. But it does not rise above the detective action thriller cliché to become something unique directed by Kenneth Branagh. Even charismatic artists cannot save their formulaic script.

4. Patriot Games

Directed by Philip Noyce and starring one of the greatest genre actors to grace the screen, Harrison Ford, Patriot Games is nevertheless a film that feels long despite its slim time. Like Shadow Recruit, it has the usual tropes of style and does nothing to remove them. However, the film is slightly more entertaining than the Chris Pine-starrer.

3. Sum of all fears

Phil Alden Robinson’s Sum of All Fears stars Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman in lead roles, and it is these two that save the film from becoming a catchy slogan.

2. clear and present danger

The second time around, Harrison Ford had a better fortune in a film that knew what it was. Philip Noyce’s film was a non-stop thrilling ride with solid, dense plot and characters and both served as an exciting thriller and a commentary on the contemporary political climate.

1. Hunt for Red October

There is general consensus that this Tom Clancy adaptation is still the best Jack Ryan film. Based on Clancy’s first novel, Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin-Starr are one of those few truly great action films with interesting characters, story and suspense and are thrilling.

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