Watch This Drone Footage of a Tornado Before Disaster Hits

Veteran storm chaser Brian Mfinger had a close shave a few days ago with a raging storm, but his drone was not so lucky.

Eager to capture some dramatic footage of the extreme weather event, Amfinger sent his DJI Mavic 2 Pro towards the action, while ensuring himself a (fairly) safe distance.

The unbelievable footage (top) shows the terrible power of the tornado as it layered on the ground near Jeju City, Mississippi on Sunday, May 2, to peel off a forest and send debris to the sky.

While he managed to capture nearly eight minutes of stunning material, the power of the storm ultimately proved too much for the small flying machine to recover from … well … we didn’t imagine that its finally What happened.

Mfinger said the sound you can hear in the video is mostly from his controller, although you can also listen to his vehicle’s navigation system which is probably the most important set of driving directions he will ever get. , Becomes frantic in the last moments with the situation. .

“Crazy close tornado video from drone,” Emfinger Tweeted Their adventure. “I had a quick stampede and the drone didn’t make it because it got stuck in the flow and I lost connection because the tornado was biting me with the drone.”

He later stated that he did not intend to send the Mavic 2 Pro on its final flight, adding that the tornado was “almost all I got,” too.

Although the storage card and its HD content were lost in the mother of all drone flyways, the mfinger can still use surprisingly decent footage that transmits to its drone app during the flight.

Oh, and if Mffinger’s impressive video has led you to your drone and head to the nearest tornado, keep in mind that he has been chasing storms for years and is still here to tell his tales. In other words, observe such extreme weather systems carefully. Or just stay well away.

For more adventurous drone videography featuring the natural wonders of the Earth, watch this grand scene of a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Unlike MFinger, the pilots there managed to get their machine back to base, though not without some damage.

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