Watch the Kenan Crew Uncover a Shocking Secret in Sneak Peek

Ken did Really Know his late wife Corey?

This is why recently widowed fathers are trying to find out on tonight’s all-new episode of NBC Cannon, And as he discovers in this particular sneak peek clip, this is due to a mysterious restraining order he recently discovered.

In the clip, Cannon thompsonThe character of the same name has recruited his brother Gary (Chris Redd) And father-in-law Rick (Don johnson) Despite the middle of the night, to try and make sense of the document.

Kenan explains, “Now that I have seen this restraining order, I cannot get it out of my head.” “And it won’t happen until we get to the bottom of it … it’s not my job, won’t stop the personality. So we don’t keep pizza pringles at home!”

“Let go, man,” Rick replied. “There is nothing that drinking alone for a few hours in the dark cannot cure.”

Gary proves to be more helpful, but not more. “What if he was caught jumping on a neighbor’s trampoline?” He suggests after his first answer – that Corey has sneaked into someone’s property to feed the deer – he is shot.

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