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Rocket Lab’s The delayed 12th launching is scheduled to take place late tonight at Pacific time, mid-11th at the company’s New Zealand launch facility. The electron rocket will carry payloads for orbit from NASA, the National Reconnaissance Office and the University of New South Wales.

Died in February, “Don’t Stop Me Now”, named after board member Scott Smith’s favorite queen song, was originally scheduled for takeoff in late March. The delay is, of course, due to the epidemic. But things have become so loose that the crew can do the necessary work to safely prepare for launch.

The launch window tonight allows for Pacific time, weather and other factors from 9:43 am to 11:32 pm. Like all rocket lab launches, it will be live-streamed approximately 15 minutes before T-0.

The payload has a wide variety of projects, some more public than others.

NASA’s contribution is a Boston University cubeSat called ANDESITE, which will “use a wireless network of lightweight minisatellites to measure the power and direction of electric currents flowing in and out of the Earth’s magnetic field, the effect of radio communications and Can affect electrical systems. On earth. “

UNSW has a satellite named M2 Pathfinder, a research platform for some space-based radio communications technology.

The NRO expects a secret three-letter agency that does not provide any details about sending it. Don’t even ask, however, that it is openly very excited to be able to send its secret payload through commercial launch providers more often.

You can watch the launch live tonight (or tomorrow if you are on the East Coast or somewhere else so beautiful) right here on Rocket Lab’s live-stream page.

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