Watch Paula Abdul Fail to Name Any American Idol Reboot Winners

Watch Paula Abdul Fail to Name Any American Idol Reboot Winners

Too many shows, not enough time, just ask Paula Abdul.

But during a virtual appearance Look what happens with Andy Cohen, the former American Idol The judge participated in a segment called “Shed Scat Cat”, during which he answered questions from an animated cat.

When Pula left the show in 2009, she was asked if she could name one. American Idol The winners of the ABC reboot, the legendary choreographer shook his head, “I can’t, excuse me. I can’t.”

The host Andy cohen To ask why the show will premiere its 19th season in February with the judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan And Lionel Richie– He is still moving.

“Kind of looks like the day is over, don’t you think?” Andy investigated, to which the “Straight Up” singer responded with a smile. “Well, there was nothing like the original cast,” she said. “I mean it was such an incredible show and it changed everyone’s lives and careers and the trajectory of television.”

The star, who hosted the iconic show for its first eight seasons, clarified that she “doesn’t have time to catch up” before praising the show’s new hosts. “But I love Katie,” Paula said. “I love Luke and I love Lionel.”

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