Watch Luke Bryan Shut Down Claim He Fathered Maren Morris’ Baby

Watch Luke Bryan Shut Down Claim He Fathered Maren Morris' Baby

Luke Bryan Directly setting the record.

During the May 4 episode The Ellen DeGeneres ShowThe 44-year-old singer set off a false report claiming that she supported her father Marren morris’13 month old son Hess.

It all started back in april Sun An article was published that incorrectly stated Morris “gave birth to her first child with husband Luke Bryan in March 2020.” But as fans are well aware, Morris is actually married to and welcomes a child Ryan herd. From then on the story came true.

Brian first heard of the error from his mother. “So, I’m eating coffee, and my mother calls me and he goes, ‘I’m reading some gossip thing here,’ which I don’t know how he subscribes to online gossip in any way.” ,” They told Ellen Degeneres. “And then she goes, ‘says that you gave birth to Maren Morris’ child.” I go, ‘Hey my gush. I do not need it today. ‘

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