The history of Hollywood is littered with castes that could have been. Will Smith could be in Neo Maths question. Kurt Russell Could Have Been Solo Star wars. John Krasinski could have been Captain America in the MCU. And, as it happens, Jurassic Park Star Sam Neil tested for a role on screen James Bond. Therefore, in a somewhat different universe, he could succeed as the 007 in the prestigious franchise with Sir Roger Moore.

As is often the case with these things, videos of Sam Neil’s screen test have recently begun to round up online. The video is brief, but it gives us a decent understanding of what the actor could have brought to the table. We see Neil appear in a hotel room, a tuxedo shirt with a Walther PPK bearing Bond’s signature in hand. He then welcomes a woman named Tatiana, who is lying naked on the bed. She says that her friends call her Tanya, to which Neil replies, “My friends call me Bond. James Bond.” The two then became comfortable in true Bond fashion. Final scene.

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To help set the stage, Roger Moore retired from playing Bond after 1985 a view to a Kill. The actor had an incredible run, starting in seven films in 1973. live and Let Die. The makers needed a new actor to take the torch. Ultimately, it will be Timothy Dalton who made his debut in 1987 the living daylights. But before it is settled, Sam Neill Threw his hat in the ring. As the actor explained at one point in an interview with ABC, it was not his decision at all.

“My agent put me in a really embarrassing ordeal. It was the deadliest time of my life, because I didn’t really want to play James Bond. But I once raced at a restaurant in the south of Roger Moore. France.” He passed me and we caught eyes and he said, ‘You should have bonded.’ And I said, ‘I didn’t want this!’ Anyway, he was gone. It was not a job that I did. “

Eventually, Timothy Dalton scored as a handful of 007s. He appeared in only one more film, 1989 Licence to Kill, The first franchise went in a different direction. It was Pierce Brosnan who would rejuvenate the characters for audiences of the 90s Golden eye, Which proved to be a big hit. Brosnan appeared in four films, ending his run with 2002 die Another Day.

Sam Neil has no regrets. And it is easy to see why. Apart from playing in Alan Grant Jurassic Park Series, some of his notable credits include the hunt for Red October, event horizon, the Tudors And peaky blinders. Neil is set to re-establish his role as Alan Grant next year Jurassic World: Dominion. You can watch her James Bond screen test from the Tyrozaphy YouTube channel.

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