Was He Really Wanted as Walter White?

John Cusack finally addressed the long-standing rumors that he was one of the original choices to play Walter White in the hit AMC series. Breaking bed. Aired on AMC between 2008 and 2013, Breaking bed The famous Brian Cranstone starred as a high school chemistry teacher who goes to cook math with an alumnus to pay for his chemotherapy treatment. This is a role that received much acclaim for Cranston, including four Best Actor Emmy Awards, and it is impossible to think of any other actor at this point.

For years, rumors have been believed that AMC Cranston was not immediately sold into the lead role. It has been claimed that Walter White’s share had previously been turned down John cusack And Matthew Broderick was eventually acquired before the network. While it is possible that one or both of these actors were considering the network, Cusack is now denying that he was actually offered the role. Here’s what he said in a new interview with Variety when asked if he was ever contacted Breaking bed.

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“No, I never was, and it was one of those things where I heard it so many times, I think maybe it was true. And I ran as a producer. Breaking bed [Vince Gilligan], And I said, ‘Am I crazy or have you offered me Walter White? He is like, ‘No.’

Cusack then explains that he refuses to imagine himself in the role, and agrees with everyone that there is no need for it because the right man definitely got the job done.

“I don’t even want to think that the full actor has got it. It was the perfect actor for the piece, so like why do you want to pull off Brian Cranston’s performance? It would be bad karma.”

Breaking bed Aaron Paul also played the role of Mr. White’s alumnus Jesse Pinkman. Six years after closing Breaking bed, Paul reprising the role to give a fair conclusion to Jessie’s story while starring in the Netflix film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Cranston made a special appearance in the film as Walter White. So far, neither actor has appeared in the prequel spinoff series better call Saul, But it is expected that they will appear one way or another in the show’s upcoming sixth and final season.

Cranston is also to play his next lead role for a TV drama series soon. Emmy-winning actor will lead Showtime Miniseries Your honor, Starring Croston as a judge, whose son accidentally kills the murderous mob boss’ son. Hunter Dohan, Michael Stuhlberg, Sophia Black-D’Alia, Carmen Ejogo, Hope Davis, and Isia Whitlock Jr. also star. Showtime will release the series on the network this December and will have a teaser trailer for it Your honor Has also been released online. This news comes to us from Variety.

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