Want an Oculus Quest? It’s in stock, but inventories are limited

Want an Oculus Quest? It’s in stock, but inventories are limited


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Oculus Quest, the runway hit VR headset that has been largely unavailable from any retailer since the holidays, is finally coming back into stock. This is great news for fans of VR. Quest earned an Editors’ Choice Last year at CNET, and unlike most gadgets, it has gotten much better with age. Oculus rolled out one last year Manual tracking update This makes it possible for developers to create games that do not require controllers, and Oculus link The software and cable enable Quest to run on PCs and play games written for the HTC Vive. Which gives us the latest reason for the shortage: Half-life: alex, A major VR title from Valve, designed to run on a pricy tethered headset, but can be played just fine on relatively inexpensive quests using Oculus Link.

Headset out of stock due to impact of consumer demand Coronavirus On manufacturing, and even sales bots that allow the purchase of limited-inventory products before average consumers, like the Quest and Nintendo Switch, can automatically be found on the website.

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We took oculus quest on vacation


Over a long period of time, various retailers have started having inventory again. If you are waiting for the 64GB or 128GB model, now is the time to order. But there are too many cavites. The inventory is constantly changing, and there is no guarantee that you can get the version with the storage capacity you want now. So when you wanted the 64GB version (or vice versa), you might have to choose between waiting through a greater reduction or buying 128GB. As a dedicated Quest owner, I would say that 64GB quickly gets a bit tight, so I would personally recommend the 128GB version. Still, uninstalling apps to make room for others is not difficult; This is just inconvenient.

If you’re getting a quest with a plan to play Half-Life: Elixes, you may need to get a longer USB-C cable, and are harder to come by as well. Yes, thanks to the recent Oculus update, you can now use the USB charging cable that came with your Quest, but it is just 3 meters long, which is a bit short for VR gaming. Is the gold standard 5-meter Oculus Link Cable to Oculus, But it has been out of stock for ages.

Finally, keep in mind that there are rumors Next generation Oculus Quest The headset, which can see daylight sometime after this year or in 2021. But right now, we’re all rumors, so if you want to strap in some beet saber or half-life: alx soon afterwards, check out current availability below.

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64GB version ($ 399)

128GB version ($ 499)

out of stock

Note that this list may include bundles, used / refurbished models, and third-party vendors that are listed as “in stock”, but often much higher than the list price or in future ship dates. with.

This article is frequently updated to reflect product availability.

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The Oculus Quest can be a VR headset that you should take care of …


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