WandaVision Was Inspired by a Scene In Avengers: Infinity War

Ever since Wanda single-handedly took Thanos and nearly defeated him, MCU fans have been itching to learn what the Avenger is really capable of and whether he would recognize the identity of a villain as he did in the comics Was. But it turns out, what Marvel’s owners did to make Disney +’s upcoming series, Wandavision, As recently as listener Jack Scheffer admitted that it was a special scene Avengers: Infinity War Which inspired the concept of the series.

In the entirety of MCU history, the focus is not on superheroes to live a domestic life. We saw snippets from his “other” life — Tony Stark with Pepper, Peter Parker amateur flirting with MJ, falling in love with Thor Jane, etc. — before his heroic feats were noticed. But according to the teaser and recent trailer Wandavision, Elizabeth Olsen’s vision of Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany to live a family life, no matter how fake or fake.

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Wandavision There is set to be a rather unique entry into the Marvel universe and its Phase 4 will be closed which is based on the complex concept of multiverse. But the foundation of the series is based on the inside view Infinity war Thanos’ minions landed on Earth only to capture the Mind Stone for the vision, thanks to the efforts of Captain America and the team. Before all hell broke loose, Wanda and Vision (posing as a human San posing as their Android Extreme) were trying to live a normal, secret but happy life in Scotland. Shaffer explained that it was him Avengers: Infinity War Scene that brought about the creation Wandavision

“I really liked more worldly moments or little character moments [in the MCU]. In Infinity War, [Wanda and Vision] This is the moment in Scotland where he has put his life to a standstill as a superhero, and I think it is very reliable for people. It is ‘the idea of ​​being away from the world and just being, and see if it works.’ And when I pitched Black Widow, I had a lot of ‘how is his real life in the real world?’ He is a superhero and an insane killer, but what lies beneath him? This is one of the really delicious and exciting things about WandaVision. We both get to see it in many home environments. And we take those moments from the MCU that really shine, and I feel grateful and excited to be in that place with them for a long time. “

But that does not mean that we as Scarlett Witch as Marvel Studios’ mastermind Kevin Feige {Italic | Empire), he assured that Vandavision is ready to prove that he is. The most powerful MCU superhero.

“If you look at the Infinity Saga, I don’t think any one person has gone through more pain and trauma than Vyom Maximoff. And no character is as powerful as Wanda Maximoff. And no character has a power- Not set. Wanda is as ill-defined and unexplained as Maximoff. “

Well, we will soon know if this series will meet all the expectations that we have raised because we are only days away from the premiere Wandavision On Disney + that fortunately clings to its current release date of January 15, 2021. These quotes have come to us through SFX Magazine.

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