WandaVision Theory Knows Who Will Bring an End to Wanda’s Sitcom Reality?

There are two main questions, based on which Vandavision Seems to be based on – which created the elusive reality in Westview and which would save innocent townspeople from breaking it. For the latter, there are various fanciful candidates ranging from Wanda (if she comes to her senses), Vision, Doctor Strange, Monica, and Strange, some even pitching Jimmy Wu that would end the “hex”. But a fan of the MCU has introduced a solid theory that points the finger at an unexpected possibility — Wanda’s son Billy who is going to undo the dictatorship of reality.

So far, it is being strongly suggested that Wanda is in complete control of the city and its people. Regarding her grief of losing the vision, her psyche has not noticed that she is not aware that she is hurting the people of Westview by suppressing her true identity.

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While every episode Vandavision So far, a raid has been made for some memorable sitcoms of a particular decade, with one Reddit user pointing to the similarity of the main story the series shares with an original Twilight Zone The episode, “It’s a Good Life,” which aired back in 1963. And most importantly, its sequel episode predicts what Wanda’s sitcom-land will bring To a scary halt in Vandavision.

In this episode, we meet six-year-old Anthony Fremont, who has the power to taunt reality and has used his abilities to control his city, Pikesville, Ohio. He ripped apart the city by erasing the rest of the world, creating his own bubble of reality, like Wanda has done with Westview. And like him, he is forcing the people of the city to bow down to their desires because they are afraid of the demon he has become and through his god powers he can drive them away to a place from where There is no refund. We already know that the people of Westview Vandavision As a result of Wanda (or whoever he is probably working with) suppressing his true self is going through immense suffering.

in Twilight Zone Episode, the story sees the people of the city, even Anthony’s parents, follow his rules under which he always has to think happy thoughts and constantly appreciate all his actions, whether he No matter how cruel. We have already seen the dire consequences that try to crack the fake reality in Westview and their fear when not planned as a “scene”.

In the story, the people of Peaksville were not given any access to TV channels and were instead prepared to watch what the “monsters” wanted them to see. While we are yet to see a Westview resident watching anything on TV, it is not a hard guess that Wanda is censoring everything she is watching — certainly something closer to “real” life Not even. while Vandavision It is particularly similar Twilight Zone The episode, which really matters is its sequel.

Anthony’s story was completed in a sequel, “It’s Still a Good Life,” 40 years later “It’s a Good Life.” The people of Peaksville are still living under Anthony’s rule, which is in its late 40s, and is still following her wishes. But now, they have a daughter, named Audrey, who owns her psychic powers. To cut the long story, she soon reverses the work done by her father and brings back the rest of the lost world.

The Reddit theory states that Wanda, like Anthony, now has children of her, out of which Billy inherited her powers. Therefore, he would be the one to overcome Wanda and undo her “hex” at Westview, thus restoring the city people their lives.

The theory further states that it will happen once Vandavision Reaches the 2000s as it did in the sequel in 2003 but as we know, the series has already covered the decade. But still, given that Wanda has no control over the twins with or without her powers, and the fact that they are conscious of her fake creation, it seems that the twins are here for a reason. This is either because they are fake. “Pietro” says “demon spawn” ie, Mephisto’s soul has a shark or a more important role next to them.

Watching as Episode 6 pointed to the possibility that Billy was going to be more powerful than his mother because it was not him nor Wanda who understood that Vision was dying after crossing the barrier, the theory All seems more admirable. right? You can see the full theory here.

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