WandaVision Star Promises Sitcom Format Will Transform Into a Full MCU Action Movie

Disney’s ambitious plan to expand the MCU to a series format will be released soon. Wandavision. The trailer and teaser for the show have been odd, to say the least, Scarlett Witch aka Wanda Maximoff is living the life of a sitcom housewife with her Android boyfriend vision, with quirky neighbors, flashy settings and a studio laugh Completes the track. But that’s not all, as Paul Bettany, who plays Wiz, told Jimmy Kimmel that the series would eventually move into full MCU action mode.

“We got hurt over the course of decades and we bumped into sitcoms of different genres and then Vision started thinking that it’s a little weird and in the end, you finally [a] Full, MCU action film. “

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Story for Wandavision The comics series seem similar to “House of M”, in which Wanda uses her reality-warring powers to create a new world according to her wishes. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda was still recovering from Vision’s loss at the hands of Thanos.

This appears to have led Wanda to create an artificial reality where Vision is still alive and the two living idyllic modeling on classic sitcoms where nothing really ever goes bad.

As the trailers show, the true illusion of Wanda does not last very long, as more and more characters pop from the real world threatening to uncover Wanda’s new life for a hollow shell. From Bettany’s comment, it seems that Vision also learns that all is not as it should be, and he helps Wanda accept that they are living a lie that needs to be eliminated. is.

While Vandavision is established as a comedy, it will likely have serious implications for the MCU overall. It has been confirmed that the show will have direct lead in events Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessIn which the Scarlet Witch must help the wizard recover a broken reality by traveling to other locations in multiverse.

We can expect a little taste of reality that has bending WandavisionWith an intimate story of coping with the damage to the relationship between Wanda and Vision. MCU listener Kevin Feige had already admitted that he had a hard time imagining where the franchise should take him until the idea for the show came up.

“I and my team were thinking internally where to go [after Avengers: Endgame, and what would be the next step that was equally challenging and unexpected. [The notion of extending the brand to television] There was an adrenaline boost. Elizabeth and Paul were amazing actors – who did amazing work in four films – but never got a chance to dominate the narrative because there was so much going on. In the end it was fun to give him a platform to showcase his amazing talent. “

Written by Jack Shaffer and directed by Matt Shakman Wandavision Wanda Maximoff / Scarlett Witch as Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany as Wiz, Randall Park as Agent Jimmy Wu, Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Tyona Parris as Monica Rambue, and Catherine Hahn as Agnes. The series premiered on Disney + on January 15. This news originated in Jimmy Kimmel.

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