WandaVision: From Agnes’ reveal to Monica’s moment, 5 things we need to talk about from the latest episode

The latest episode of Vandavision answered a lot of fan questions as we finally learned who was behind the Westview discrepancy. With several new mysteries being revealed, this latest episode of the MCU series has raised the stakes for the blissful world of Wanda Vision.

Here are 5 things you should include in this episode of Vandavision:


1. Big Agnes shows

While it was expected by enthusiastic fans, it still came as a surprise. Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn, is actually Agatha Harkness, who is apparently responsible for the entire Westworld discrepancy. While Wanda was wondering how she made everything in Westview, we now know that it was ‘Agatha All Along’.

2. Who is Agatha Harkness?

In the comics, Agatha is a witch who survived the original Salem witch trials and was a protector for Wanda. But, in the series, it seems that the Makers have moved into the story, where Agatha is, in fact, the villain of the story. Agatha was first introduced in the Fantastic Four comics in the 1960s.

3. Monica Rambue’s big moment against Wanda

By now, we have come to know that Monica’s mother Maris was a close confidant of Captain Marvel and it is little mentioned that Monica has some unfinished business with Carol. But watching him realize his powers this week was a big moment for fans of Vandavision. As a result of moving in and out of hex many times, Monica has gained some superpowers recently, being the most important. Powers came into play when she went to confront Wanda and tried to tell him the truth about the outside world.

Wandering Many trips in and out of the hex have certainly changed Monica on a cellular level. (Photo: Disney +)

4. Post-credit view

This week, Vandavision had an important post-credits scene. We saw Monica trying to sneak into Wanda’s house via a hatch but as soon as she opens the door, she can see something magical as a result of Agnes’s powers. Just then, Pietro, played by Evan Peters, returns to the scene. It seemed that Pietro was vanished by Wanda after the events of Episode 6, but his return has opened up a new desire for worms. Pietro’s return remains to be explained in the show.

5. Sitcom era

While this is evident from the first frame itself, this week’s episode drew its inspiration from Modern Family and The Office. The mockup format with a fairly modern setting took us into the television culture of the next decade but it was quite noticeable that despite the familiar format, the producers chose to keep background music as a part of the show. The Office and Modern Family both have no background music, unless absolutely necessary.

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