WandaVision First Reactions Praise Marvel Studios for Embracing the Weirdness

Wandavision The first reactions are here and they are highly positive. The first Marvel Cinematic Universe series premieres next week, but some have been able to watch the first three episodes ahead of time. Falcon and Winter Soldier Originally supposed to be the first MCU series to premiere on Disney +, but did not happen due to a public health crisis. That being said, fans are ready to see the first new MCU project since 2019. Spider-Man: Away From Home. Not here Failed for Wandavision bottom.

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany Star Wandavision Wanda as Maximoff, aka Scarlett Witch and Vision respectively. Both actors have teased the series in a recent interview, but have not revealed too much when it comes to the main story. As it turns out, Marvel Studios has created a slow burn mystery that will unfold over the course of 9 episodes according to first reactions. One person says that the show is “a tantric experiment with Lynch’s colors that are almost irritable devoted to slowly playing out its mystery.”

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Praises another first reaction Wandavision And Marvel Studios to try something new and original. First 3 episodes of ” Wandavision The sitcom is a wonderfully creative spin on the format that makes way for the beginning of a very intriguing season … new ground for Marvel with truly inventive filmmaking that makes each episode special. “The classic sitcom element of promotional material has confused many MCU fans. As they might expect when the show premieres next week. So far, it looks like nothing the studio has ever done.

According to first reactions Wandavision, Strange what the first three episodes give their charm. Discussing the film, “Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are giving their best performances in the MCU, while Tyonah Paris is shining in her every scene. The series serves as a resounding comeback in the MCU, while making its own way Shows. ” The MCU has been making strides in new areas over the past few years. Taekat wetty Thor: Ragnarok Looks at the franchise, in terms of tone, and where these superheroes might go.

One of the most exciting things about the MCU making TV shows for Disney + is the fact that they can tell big stories that are close to comic book source material. According to the first reactions, Wandavision Is able to achieve it. “Expect the unexpected,” reads another response on the show. “Marvel Studios is changing the game with this genre-bending series! Every episode feels like a page turn of a comic book that I didn’t want to put down.” It looks like waiting Wandavision Worth the wait. To subscribe before the January 15 premiere you can read some more first reactions below and visit the official Disney + website.

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