WandaVision Fan Theory Identifies the Aerospace Engineer and It’s Not Reed Richards?

Vandavision Viewers have high hopes that the Disney + series will feature Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In episode 5, we saw Monica Rambue of Teona Paris talking about contacting an aerospace engineer friend while the team was trying to figure out what exactly is happening in Wanda Maximoff’s Westview reality . MCU fans immediately began to speculate about Reed Richards coming on board, which is understandable. However, a new theory claims that Reid’s rumors are false. Are possible Vandavision Spoilers below, so read further at your own risk.

The mysterious aerospace engineer has been the focus of fans for the past two weeks. Who is it Vandavision Going to introduce next A few days ago, comic book fan Jimmy Folino posted this information on Twitter: “Reminder that Adam Brasher and Monica Rambue dated in the comics. I hope aerospace engineer Monica knows that Blue Marvel. ” Ever since the folio debuted Blue Marvel, a lot of people have been thinking that it might very well be who Monica Rambeau was referring to.

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The only minor problem with this theory is that Adam Breshears is not an aerospace engineer. Instead, he received a Ph.D. In theoretical physics and a master of science in electrical engineering from Cornell University. With that being said, this is the kind of thing that Marvel Studios could easily maintain. Vandavision. This relationship with Monica Rambue has already been written extensively in comics, so it would work very well. But, who is portraying this character VandavisionThe This is another mystery, if this theory turns out to be correct.

Adam Breshears was first introduced in 2008 by Adam Greaves: Adam of the Blue Marvel # 1. The character is a veteran of the Korean War, a member of the Marine Corps with two silver stars who have ties to Ant-Man. She later began dating Monica Rambue, which saw the couple experimenting with their new powers, including immortality. For Blue Marvel’s powers, they are all over the map stemming from anti-Matter energy absorption. This source of power is the energy emanating from the anti-matter from the inter-dimensional universe called the negative field. The character has supernatural power, flying power, enhanced mental perception, energy production and more.

In a recent interview, Wanda Maximoff actress Elizabeth Olsen confirmed that it had a major casting Vandavision It has not been announced yet. Reed Richards is an aerospace engineer and Marvel Studios owner Kevin Feige has confirmed that A. Fantastic Four The film is currently under development but is Vandavision Character’s starting point? For many fans, Blue Marvel seems like a safe bet that could allow more SWORD storylines down the line, including Captain Marvel 2. Blue Marvel theory was first proposed Jimmy Folino’s Twitter Accounting.

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