WandaVision Episode 7 Sneak Peek Clip Has Wanda Losing Her Grip on Reality

Looks like the elusive reality created by Wanda at Westview that the latest one is not going to stand as long Vandavision The clip from the upcoming seventh episode confirms that everything he has created is indeed coming apart. And oh, Billy is already exhibiting some Professor X-like powers because apparently, he can hear more than just Vision’s pain.

In the previous episode, Vision turned out to snoop around Westview on Halloween and came across residents who were barely moving and appeared to be in extreme pain. After an especially enlightening chat with Agnes (who suspiciously looked like she was stopping him), Visions tried to cross the breech and walk to Westview. But the moment he stepped out, his pieces began to suck inside the breech, hinting that he could not survive without Wanda’s powers.

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Lost in her awkward conversation with her “brother”, Wanda is alerted to the plight of Vision by her son Billy, who somehow knew that her father was dying. So, to save her husband, Wanda proceeds to extend the breech around the city to save her and, in turn, sucked into SWORD’s entire base, turning the agents into clowns. And the clip of the next episode seems to work with the same results.

For starters, Wanda appears to be a guilty-triggered hangover as he recounts the events of the previous episode and reveals similarities in a typical modern family style. She decides that all she needs is a “quarantine-style halt”. But it seems that Wanda’s plans won’t work until Billy and Tommy tell her that their games are “getting out”, it really means that their model is Going back in time!

Another major fact from this clip is that Billy’s powers are definitely increasing. After realizing that Vision was in danger in the previous episode, he can now clearly hear the buried identities of the people of Westview and that all Sword Agents Wanda sucked him into sitcom-land.

“Mother, my head feels weird. It’s like, really noisy. I don’t like it.”

This clip gives no indication of the fate of the vision. While Wanda certainly saved him, she got a glimpse of the outside world. As Wanda has demonstrated a few times that she can control Vision, she has already “rebooted” him as one of the earlier trailers Vandavision, We saw Vision getting ready to fight him for his home aka Westview. How will she get her vision again because she believes that she is persecuting the people of the city for a dreamy life?

Not-Pietro’s fate is also uncertain as we saw last, he was being thrown by Wanda because she insensitively stated that her “dead” husband cannot die twice. Given his hypocritical behavior and less than siblings, it is becoming increasingly difficult to digest that he is either Pietro / Peter Maximoff’s version. But still, after that last hard jib he targeted his “sister”, is she still in the picture? There is also the question that Wanda’s dream world seems to be different — is it because she is losing control over it or because there is someone else? You can check out Vandavision Episode 7 clip above, thanks to the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

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