WandaVision episode 7 recap: MCU series reveals its big villain

With its latest episode, Vandavision continues the trend of big revelations. As Finale draws to a close, the first Marvel Studios TV series to see the light of day has established an explosive finale that is set to yield results on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It does a complete recap of everything that happens in the episode, so don’t read any further until you see the episode.

spoiler ALERT

The vision wakes up, looks alive once again, and confronts Darcy Lewis, who is now unaware of her actual reality. She thinks she is part of a circus. The sight snatches her out and leaves for Venda’s house together in an extremely slow truck. Along the way, they face many obstacles, which they chalk up to Wanda’s reluctance to allow them to come to her.

Meanwhile, Monica and Jimmy Wu are given a rover by Sword Monica’s breakup faction and try to get the roster to the Westview wall. She fails, and decides to enter on her own. She eventually succeeds and now she is clearly a superhero.

Back at Wanda’s house, she is having trouble dealing with the absence of a vision and Agnes arrives to pick up the children, who are quite a handful. Wanda is confronted by Monica, who appeals to Wanda’s innate goodness, but Agnes calmly takes Wanda away. Is he really who we think he is?

Wandering Is it all Agnes or Agatha Harkness? (Photo: Marvel Studios) Watt

Vision had a lot of obstacles that he believed Wanda was putting in his way, and just took off, drying Darcy high and into the truck.

Wanda finds the twins missing and asks Agnes about their whereabouts, who say they should be in the basement. Wanda climbs down the stairs leading to the basement, and Agnes appears, showing her true form: Agatha Harkness. This is a lot of prophecy – she is the one who is behind everything, and Wanda was only her pawn. Although not particularly shocking, the reappearance leaves a significant impact.

Wanda, too shocked and powerless to resist, gets into Agatha’s confusion.

In the mid-credits scene (yes, there is one), Monica sees the cellar door leading to Agatha’s lair. He becomes acclaimed by Pietro Maximoff.

WandaVision streams on Disney + Hotstar Premium.

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