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The last time we wrote about JoyRun, it was raising $ 10 million. Today, Bay Area startups have some very different news to share, as it has become part of Walmart as a partner Has purchased select assets in a bid to expand its supply chain. The mega-retailer announced today that the company has acquired “select assets – talent, technology platform and IP” from the company to include its peer-to-peer food and drift delivery service in its selective mile logistics. .

Walmart EVP Srini Venkatesan noted that the app has added 540 third-party merchant partners and a network of up north of 30,000 people who have delivered goods with the service since its launch a decade and a half ago. JoyRun’s service is a slight twist on more standard delivery apps like Seamless and Uber Eats.

As we described it back in 2017, “the company’s app lets people find out that a passer-by is already going to a restaurant they like, then treats on their own order . ” It will be interesting to see how Walmart integrates this technology into its existing range, although by sound, Walmart will inevitably rely on non-professionals for the delivery of groceries.

The system will likely work like Amazon Flex – a sort of Uber / lift gig economy-style approach to delivery.

Venkatesh added, “This acquisition will allow us to continue our efforts to grow our team and explore even more avenues for customers in the future.” “For example, runners can complement our Spark program and 3rd party delivery providers. Our goal is to deliver as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Walmart expects the deal to close in the coming weeks, including Joey Ron In its supply chain technology team. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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