Actress Anushka Sharma and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, who became the parents of daughter Vamika in January, are true-blue sweethearts. Anushka, who speaks for animal safety and advocates for animal rights, has always had a dream to open an animal shelter, which is a safe haven. In fact, a few days ago, a source close to the actor told how Anushka is working towards opening an animal shelter on the outskirts of Mumbai.

However, today on the occasion of World Stray Animals Day, Virat Kohli, who has been completely inspired by his wife’s passion for animals, is now actively looking for opportunities to help stray animals. Through the Virat Kohli Foundation, the Indian batsman has now set up an animal welfare project in Mumbai. He has collaborated with Vivaladis Animal Health, a leading Indian animal health company founded by Kunal Khanna, an alumnus of a London-based business school, and with Awa Voice of Stray Animals, a local NGO in Mumbai – the largest city Has two animal shelters to set up.

Virat Kohli, who is very excited about this passion project, said in a statement, “Taking care of the welfare of animals is a reason very close to my heart because Anushka is very passionate on this issue. His vision of helping stray animals across India is truly inspiring to me and since I have met him, I have tried to understand the urgent need for medical rights for animal rights and vagabonds. It is our dream to create a safe place for the stray animals of our city and I am happy to take up this project with Vivaldis and Aava, and to work with people to build some facilities to help these animals is likely to. “

Two animal shelters will be set up in Malad and Boisar respectively. The shelter in Malad will be a temporary rehabilitation center, where animals – mainly dogs and cats – will be admitted for a temporary period, until the animal recovers. The center will provide medical assistance to injured and injured animals.

The center in Boisar will be a permanent shelter, keeping animals that are blind, paralyzed and suffering from life-long illnesses or old age.

For this passion project, Virat will sponsor the ambulance, while Vivaldis Animal Health will cater to their health needs. The Virat Kohli Foundation has so far mainly focused on supporting aspiring athletes from across India. Indian captains are now building infrastructure using their current associations and partnerships and providing resources to the needy. VKF will also be setting up education and healthcare projects soon.

By Jothi Prakash

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