Actor Vijay Verma plays the “angry young geek” cyber cell officer, Sajjan Kundu, in Anand Gandhi’s upcoming sci-fi comedy OK Computer. When a self-driving car kills a pedestrian, Verma is called to investigate the case. She is joined by Radhika Apte, who owns a private firm that sees the ethical treatment of robots and is unwilling to believe that AI can harm humans.

“OK computers are a show in the future and computers are the future of our lives. I think this is an appropriate title for a sci-fi series, ”Varma told “The tone of the show is comedy. It is more satire than drama. It has a very unique tone. I would love to see people’s reaction and to know how they feel about it. The biggest win for us is the kind of show that it is being made in India. “

Produced and co-written by Ship of Theses and Toumbled Famous Anand Gandhi, the Disney + Hotstar six-episode series is directed by debutante film director Pooja Shetty, a former architect and designer, and writer-filmmaker Neer Pedar. .

“Neil and Pooja are the most democratic and wintry people to work with. Neil is impeccable with his dialogue writing and humor. The strength of worship lies in design, creations, colors and schemes. Therefore, they complement each other and work with such a solid unit. It’s something that people say before it’s released, but you have to watch an episode or two to understand how wacky, quirky and sophisticated it is. It is not fart jokes, it is not sexually innocent, it is just pure intelligent writing, ”Verma said for the first time about the directors.

Although Varma played the role of an inventor of the technology, who no longer likes it, in real life, the actor is an “avid gamer” and “waits to get his hands on PlayStation 5”.

He even remembers his first ‘overwhelmed’ introduction to computers in his school’s science lab. The actor recalled, “At school, we were taken to the science lab, and inside it was a large computer with a floppy disk. It all looked so heavy and hard to see. I felt that if I press something, it might completely misfire. It felt like a foreign object, and now we have used it so much that it has become our second nature. “

Vijay Verma has recently appeared on a role. After his breakout performance in the 2019 film Gully Boy, he attracted viewers with web series such as A Suitable Boy, Shea and Mirzapur 2 on the web platform. ‘Most excited’ about OK Computer for the last two years. For her, this is a “passion” project.

“I had to do some fights with others and with myself to do this. Before I started filming it, a lot of time had to be given to it. I had to convince myself that I can place this bet and I will do such a concept, which has never been done in India before. To make that time, I had to let go of one or two projects for which I was committed. So, I took up both the fights and ensured that I remain fully arrested from this project, ”shared Verma.

The actor is currently in a happy place “because a lot of projects I’ve been involved in for a few years, and didn’t get a release, are suddenly out. OTT platforms have made my work more accessible. I think That for my life the reset button has been pressed and everything I’ve done is now out. So, it feels great. “

OK Computer, also starring Jackie Shroff, will begin streaming on Disney + Hotstar on March 26.

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