Vestiaire Collective Launches Charity Sale to Support Oxfam

Vestiaire Collective Launches Charity Sale to Support Oxfam
Photo by Mehdi Tamallah / Nurpo via Getty Images

In support of Oxfam.

Secondhand September is officially underway, and Westair Collective is giving consumers another reason to purchase Second Hand War with the launch of the second charity sale this month.

To raise awareness about the importance of circular fashion, it is to encourage people to buy second-hand clothes only in the month of September. According to the company, more than 13 million clothes finish landfill every week. Therefore, to encourage secondhand shopping, the site has teamed up with some of the world’s most stylish people, who have donated pieces from their wardrobes for sale (which is being held in partnership with Oxfam).

Up for the graves is a Yves Saint Laurent blazer from Kate Moss, a Miu Miu skirt from Nomi Harris, a Prada gown from Carrie Mulligan, an Isabel Marant jumpsuit from Thandie Newton, an APC suit from Massey Williams, a Rixo dress from Erin O ‘. Conor and more.

Commenting on the initiative, Harris said in a release, “Circular fashion is not only about fashion, it is about protecting the environment and it is important that we do as much as possible to achieve this. Reducing the environmental impact on our wardrobes can lead to long-term changes towards a more sustainable future. It is important that everyone plays their part. “

The charity sale is exclusively available through the Westier Collective app and will run from today to 23 September. Shop here

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