Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System – Status Check, Procedures, Facilities

The “Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System” implemented by the Finance Department of the Government of Kerala is a sophisticated initiative that combines technology with administrative efficiency. Here are the key components and objectives of such a system:

  1. Vehicle Management: This aspect of the system would involve managing the government’s fleet of vehicles. It includes tasks like maintenance scheduling, fuel management, monitoring vehicle usage, ensuring legal compliance (like insurance and registration), and optimizing the utilization of vehicles.
  2. Location Tracking: This involves real-time tracking of vehicles using GPS technology. Location tracking helps in monitoring the movement of vehicles, ensuring they are used for official purposes, enhancing security, and providing critical data for optimizing routes and reducing operational costs.
  3. Integration with Finance Department: The involvement of the Finance Department suggests that the system also plays a crucial role in financial oversight. It can help in budgeting for vehicle-related expenses, auditing the use of vehicles for cost-effectiveness, and preventing misuse of government resources.
  4. Technology Infrastructure: The system likely employs advanced software and hardware, including GPS devices in vehicles, a central tracking and management software, and possibly mobile applications for on-the-go management.
  5. Objectives: The primary objectives would be to enhance transparency, reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and ensure the responsible use of government vehicles.
  6. Data Analytics and Reporting: The system might also feature advanced data analytics for better decision-making and comprehensive reporting features for accountability and record-keeping.

By implementing such a system, the Government of Kerala shows a commitment to leveraging technology for better governance and resource management. This initiative not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets a precedent for technological integration in government operations.

Organisation : Finance Department , Government of Kerala
Facility Name : Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System (VEELS)
Applicable State/UT : Kerala
Website :

What is Kerala VEELS System?

The Kerala VEELS System, an acronym for Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System, is a commendable initiative by the Government of Kerala. Its purpose is to efficiently manage government vehicles across the state. This web-based system offers comprehensive information and advanced tracking capabilities for all government vehicles.

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Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System – Status Check Procedures

Vehicle registration and details:
The system efficiently stores and manages comprehensive data on government vehicles. This includes valuable information such as registration numbers, models, engine details, fuel consumption, and maintenance schedules.

Location tracking:
Vehicles are outfitted with GPS devices that transmit real-time location data to the VEELS system. This enables authorized personnel to track vehicle movement, monitor speed, and identify any unauthorized use.

Fuel management:
The system diligently records fuel purchases for each vehicle and closely monitors fuel consumption patterns. This invaluable data aids in the detection of fuel pilferage and enables the optimization of fuel usage for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance tracking:
The VEELS system meticulously records every maintenance task carried out on each vehicle, capturing service dates, replaced parts, and associated costs. This meticulous approach ensures timely maintenance and proactively prevents unexpected breakdowns.

Reporting and analysis:
The Kerala VEELS System plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of the Government of Kerala’s vehicle fleet. By generating insightful reports and dashboards, it provides valuable data on vehicle usage, fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and other essential metrics.

This information empowers the government to make informed decisions regarding fleet management and resource allocation. Additionally, the system helps optimize costs, reduce fuel consumption, and ensure vehicles are utilized for their intended purposes.

Overall, the Kerala VEELS System is an invaluable tool that enables the government to drive improvements and maximize the effectiveness of its vehicle fleet.

How To Login To Kerala VEELS System?

To login to Kerala VEELS System, Follow the below steps

Step-1 : Go to the link
Step-2 : Enter the User Name and Password
Step-3 : Click On Login Button

Vehicle Management and Location Tracking System


Support : 1800-425-1857
Email : info.veels [AT]

Additional Simplified Procedure

Accessing the Kerala VEELS system online requires different steps depending on your user type:

1. For Nodal/Controlling Officers and Charge Officers:
** Visit the official VEELS website
** Click on the “Login” button at the top right corner.
** Enter your “Username” and “Password” in the designated fields.
** Click on “Login”.

** If you haven’t registered yet, click on “Join us” and choose your user type (Nodal Officer, Controlling Officer, etc.) to complete the registration process.
** You’ll need to provide your official email address and department details during registration.

2. For Drivers and other users:
** Currently, drivers and other non-officer users don’t have direct access to the VEELS dashboard.
** For information related to your assigned vehicle, you can either:
** Contact your Nodal/Controlling Officer: They can access the system and provide you with relevant details like location, fuel consumption, etc.
** Use the “Vehicle Search” option: This publicly accessible feature on the VEELS website allows you to search for a specific vehicle using its registration number or Vindex. You can see basic information like make, model, and department.

** Keep your login credentials confidential and avoid sharing them with anyone.
** Access the VEELS system only for authorized purposes.
** Use the system responsibly to ensure efficient vehicle management in Kerala.

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